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Travel at the river scenic spot of Taoist temple Wuhan of China

Travel at the river scenic spot of Taoist temple Wuhan of China

Write: Halsey [2011-05-23]

Travel at the river scenic spot of Taoist temple  Wuhan of China


20 yuan


Take the No. of travel special line 2 of suburbs, the direct river scenic spot of Taoist temple of new continent of the car at the harbour long-distance bus station of the passenger traffic of Wuhan, start for time as 9 of morning every day: 00,The single fare is 18 yuan for each person.


20 kilometers east of lying in the new continent county town at the river scenic spot of Taoist temple, 69 kilometers from Wuhan urban area, with green hills and clear waters, scenic. There are scenic spots and historical sites such as a lake, two holes, three temples, three pools, four spring, six rock, ten small streams, 72 peaks,etc. at the scenic spot.
The river surface of Taoist temple accumulates 4 sq. km., pay a debt of gratitude in Buddhist temple, purple rosy clouds temple, Summer Villa, song corridor pavilion,etc. in the artificial beauty spot, general s mountain highest peak has an elevation of 675 meters, it is the highest peak of chain of mountains of Wuhan, is classified as the national-level Forest Park now. The surface of water of river storehouse of Taoist temple is wide, visit by ship, the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains is too beautiful to be absorbed all at once.
Gem fair hall: The flat of fair hall of gem is located in the reservoir of scenic spot of river of Taoist temple, there are ten halls inside , four long corridors , three pavilions . Statue of personage that exhibit in masterpieces such as Chinese and foreign great names in history and Dream of the Red Chamber , the Water Margin made of gem, malachite, spar,etc., various flowers, bird, worm, fish, animal s stone carving, and thousands of such as world popular ornament in great demand, in different poses and with different expressions, a feast for the eyes.
General mountain: The intersection of general and mountain, lie in new the intersection of stone and the intersection of town and the east Xu, district of continent, belong to pulse, I of Dabie Mountain, 675 meters above the sea level, it is city Gao Shanfeng the most of Wuhan. Have the intersection of giant and footprint at the mountain, legend have one Shen whether general come in the the intersection of hill-side and hole this living the Tang Dynasty, so the famous general hole of hole, the famous general mountain of mountain. The mountain lie is high and steep and towering, grow green and fresh, the cloud makes room the fog to wind, waits to look at one hundred li and a gleam of the Changjiang River outside into the distance on fine day perennially. Hole is natural from four piece rock last mountain let s inlay on,there are mottled, majestic to move rightly on cave wall, about 10 square meters of area. Fang Yi, Liu XiYao, Zhao XinChu, a piece of body study, offer the pavilion to wait and successively occupy this to launch revolutionary activity high, carry on the extremely hard and bitter border area and struggle. The general has already listed mountain in the river scenic spot of Taoist temple, is criticized, the sky way goes to the mountaintop directly, mount the top toweringly and loud and clear and look at the platform, take a broad view and look around, make people completely relaxed and happy.
The rock of lion: Lie in east new new market town of continent district, southwest of river storehouse of few pool, 180 meters above the sea level. The mountain lie is dangerously steep, the rock peak is tall and straight, like squating the lion, four feet possess end to end. Fall into in its mountain wall of peak, upper and lower rocks stretch out, China can hold 10 people to sit around, is exactly like lion s mouth, a throat is rung and roared to the Northeast. The forest of mountaintop is dense, the foot of the hill is weedy, the mountain breeze has been blown through, send lions and must stroke and move like the lion, vivid. There are a great deal of famous historical sites such as spring of seven holes three under the rock in year in will, because build the little pool river storehouses, some has been already forgotten. Because is strategically located and difficult of access, the peaceful army have fought fiercely with the Manchu troop here, have encircled a city and remained so far. In the war of resistance, the New Fourth Army five the intersection of division and a unit attack in surprise false day here, called in history the fight open rough ridge (Huanggang, Macheng) eight year , hold Bei to fit (yellow Bei, Huang An) The south ,Write down a brilliant chapter in the history of army.
Make inquiries in the academy: The academy has another name called Confucian Temple to make inquiries, located in the mountain of town Confucius of new old street of continent district. Since old Cai attends Confucius clearly via here, makes the sub way make inquiries according to legend. From Western Han Dynasty, the county of past dynasties state sets up the temple here and offers sacrifices to the hole Confucian scholar; The intersection of the end and the intersection of lake and wide Confucianism Song mention, lift Long Ren, set up institute, give lectures herein, name and make inquiries. Until the Ming and Qing Dynasties, renovate and extend several times, the scale is expanded day by day, there are several dozen edifices such as Dacheng Palace, second sub shrine, recluse s shrine, gentle common shrine, all Confucianism shrines, classroom, director s room, mediocre hall of reward, Wenchang pavilion, the floor of stars in the Big Dipper, great prosperity of the writing style that for the moment, called Confucianism to come forth in large number. There are Confucius mountains around the courtyard, the intersection of Confucius and river, the intersection of Yan Zi and harbour, long to wash while being dejected, Jie drown Fan, the intersection of carriage return and port, hole sigh bridge, make inquiries tablet, expound doctrines and experiences platform, shine the intersection of book and field, black pool, inkstone stone The main hall is depended on, the ancient customs are still here, district governments are for people to sight as the historical relic s protection of ancient building.
Ride and is built in the reservoir in the malachite fair hall of the treasure of the world, enclosed with hills on four sides, three move round water, with a construction area of 8000 square meters, assign to ten halls, four pawns, three pavilions together, collect gem, malachite, spar, agate, amber, pearl, fossil, ore and handicraft that thousands of pieces of treasured jade stone engraving become from all parts of the world in the hall. Wild Animal Park in the mountain forest is set off is raising rare animals such as colourful pheasant, African camel s bird of U.S.A.,etc., the peacock spreads its tail, one hundred birds sing merrily, forms an person and animal s harmonious picture that got along.