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The balcony museum travels Taizhou of China

The balcony museum travels Taizhou of China

Write: Filomene [2011-05-23]

The balcony museum travels  Taizhou of China


The museum of Taiwan lies by Guoqing Temple scenic spot, covers an area of 17400 square meters, floor area is more than 5900 square meters, designed by Architecture Design Institute of Tsing-Hua University. The museum building is in picturesque disorder, build in accordance with the tendency, the winding path leads to a secluded quiet place, melt the idea of modern architecture, possess the characteristics of distinct local culture and times flavour.
The whole hall divides two parts of show area and management area, the show area sets up 5 exhibition halls, set up the historical relic storehouse, office, reference room, meeting room, historical relic and repair room, room of seeing and hearing and expert s floor in the managing area. Divided into work such as archaeology, document protecting, a group of engineering, keeping, displaying design, repairing, security of historical relic according to the function.
It is wide in variety to collect the historical relic sample in the hall, quantity is numerous, there are more than 6000 pieces of collection now. One, two among them, precious historical relics of third grade are a lot of. It divide pottery, bronze, calligraphy and painting, ancient book into collection and it is miscellaneous,etc.,can reflection history and culture characteristic of Taishan days more overall. Have scientific value such as extremely high history and culture, art.