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Shiyan City is 485 kilometers from Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province. The city is in the northwestern part of the province, and it takes about four hours to go there from Wuhan. It has a population of about 3 1/2 million, and it covers an area of 23,600 square kilometers. The area has mountains and beautiful scenery and ancient temples, and the city is known as the "Detroit of the East." It is where Dongfeng Automobile company is located. It is a scenic city in the interior of the country.

Shiyan is a tourist destination partly because nearby Wudang Mountain is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list and partly because it is near other major destinations where you can see during a trip through the Three Gorges to Shennongjia to Gulongzhong to Wudang Mountain to the Danjiangkou Reservoir and to Xi'an. Wudang Mountain is considered a national 4-A level tourist spot and a sacred place of Taoism. It is a land where there are hot springs, waterfalls, mountain ponds, valleys, caves, and forests.

Shiyan is a city without harsh winters and cool summers. The weather is generally pleasant, and you’ll enjoy the environment.

Postal Zip Code: 442000
Telephone Area Code: 0719

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Introduce Comparable to the scenic spot of Wudang and lie within the territory of cogongrass arrow district light Sichuan township, Shiyan, raise one s head and look and face each other in the east and Holy Land of the Taoism Wudang mountain, the south and ...Read More
Introduce People s Park, Shiyan is the only comprehensive park that incorporates recreation, amusement, viewing and admiring, popular science into an organic whole of the Northwest of Hubei Province, it is the public beneficial public institution at vice ...Read More
Introduce The ecological tourist zone of industry of Huanglong power plant is located in Shiyan suburbs, developed by the power station of beach of Huanglong. The blue mountains and green waters here forms a pure, graceful mountains and rivers beautiful ...Read More

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by Shamus 2011-05-23
Introduce The beach natural scenic spot of tigers roaring lies in the large white spring and courtyard mountain village of willow township of Shan frontier of Hubei Province, Hubei Province the intersection of Shan and highway close to scenic spot, wear, from the intersection of car city and the intersection of Shiyan and 65 of city, only 33 kilometers from ...
by Jiten 2011-05-23
Introduce The moon lake mountain villa lies in the square beach township of a gulf district of Shiyan, 25 km from city center, it is one that collects and goes sightseeing, serves the integrative characteristic mountain villa of peasant family at recreation amusement, diet accommodation, meeting. The mountain villa covers an area of about 35 sq. km., the ...
by Havelock 2011-05-23
In Shiyan on the hill of a gulf of Qu. Two so clear that you can see to the bottom wells by the temple, such as one pair of eyeballs of dragon, the river of home of horse hovering and meandering in front of the temple, like dragons and migrate, because with the name of the temple. Established in Yuan Dynasty, would enlarge and manage for two years (1489) ...