Ancient Chengtian Temple Of South Fujian

Chengtian Temple, an ancient temple in southern Fujian, is east of Nanjun Lane which is opposite from Chengtian Lane in the center of Quanzhou. The temple standing now was rebuilt in the thirtieth year during the reign of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty.

The gate of Chengtain Temple faces west. A platform is at the entrance, with a hanging vertical plaque on which are written two characters: "Yue Tai". On the pillars on both sides of the gate to the monastery are a pair of couplets by Mater Hongyi saying "You Wu Liang Zi Zai, Ru Bu Er Fa Men". Entering the gate, visitors will see a paved path measuring 4.6 meters wide and 99.6 meters long. South of the path are seven pagodas, between which banyan trees are planted.

Along the central axis stand Tianwang Hall , the bell tower and drum tower, Mi Le Hall, the Great Buddha's Hall, Dharma Hall, Wen Shu Hall and the east and west corridor.

Along the East Axis are Yuanchang Court, Guangqin Monks Library, the old houses for monks, the new housed for monks, the living room, Longwang memorial temple, Wuguan Hall, the site of the south garden, Dabei Hall, memorial hall for Master Huiquan and Master Hongchuan, Meditation Room, Niepan Room, Hall of Ancestors and more.

Over two hundred trees such as banyans, willows and Dimocarpus trees are planted around the temple. They stand between the halls and rooms in the temple, luxuriant and ever green.

Distinctions: Ancient Chengtian Temple in southern Fujian used to be the south garden of Jiedushi (a provincial governor in charge of civil and military affairs) Liu Congxiao during the Five Dynasties. It is called "The Three Jungles in Quanzhou" together with Kaiyuan Temple and Chongfu Temple. There are beautiful sceneries like "Yi Chen Bu Ran" (meaning clean and clear) and "Mei Shi Sheng Xiang".

How to Get There: Bus 9, Bus 10, Bus 16, Bus 18, Bus 24, Bus 25 and Bus 602 all have a stop at Chengtian Temple.