Zhoucun Ancient Commercial City


Zhoucun Ancient Commercial City is located in the west of Zhoucun District.


In the year 2001, Zhoucun Ancient Commercial City was listed as the key development projects of tourism of Shandong Province. It is also acclaimed by the experts from China Ancient Architecture Preservation Commission as “the living ancient commercial architecture complex museum in China”. It has high tourism value and historical and cultural significance. Now, Zhoucun Ancient Commercial City is a city protected historic site, province-level outstanding historical building complex and key development projects of tourism of Shandong Province.

Brief Introduction:

Zhoucun Ancient Commercial City is till well-preserved after hundreds of years. In Zhoucun Ancient Commercial City, people will see streets running across blocks, shops standing in great numbers and buildings of distinct architecture styles. Zhoucun Ancient Commercial City is composed of some ancient commercial streets and blocks like Da Jie (the Great Street), Si Shi Jie (Silk Market Street), Yin Zi Shi Jie (Silver Market Street) and so on.

In the south of Zhoucun Ancient Commercial City, there stand former site of headquarters of the Shandong army which was to fight against Yuan Shikai and defend the republic. In the north, there are Ming Jiao Temple, Qian Fo Tower (Temple of A Thousand Buddha) and Hui Long Bridge. This is where natural and cultural heritages in Zhoucun are gathering.

Da Jie (the Great Street) is the main street in Zhoucun Ancient Commercial City. It is the street that is of the largest scale and with the long history in Zhoucun. First built during the years of Yongle in Ming Dynasty, Da Jie (the Great Street) formed it original layout in the nith year of Chongzhen in Ming Dynasty.

It begins at the crossing of Si Shi Jie (Silk Market Street) and Yin Zi Shi Jie (Silver Market Street) in the south and ends at Shuo Yi Gate, about 2 li (1 kilometer, about 0.62 mile) long. Bei JI Tower lies in the middle of Da Jie, cutting Da Jie into two parts: the northern part and the southern part.

What is preserved now is mainly the southern part, which is about 400 meters long.

Tourist Route Recommended: Qian Fo Temple (Temple of A Thousand Buddha) – San Yi Hall – Min Su Zhan Guan (Exhibition Hall of Folk-customs) – Piao Hao Zhan Guan (Exhibition Hall of Firms for Exchange and Transfer of Money) – Da Ran Fang (Big Dying Workshop) – Kui Xing Tower – Art Museum of Zibo. It takes about 4 hours to visit all the scenic spots listed above.

How to Get There:

Tourists can take Bus 96 in Zhangdian District (the seat of Zibo City) to the Long-distance Bus Station of Zhoucun District. Then, they can take Bus 130 or Bus 42 and get off at Zhoucun Da Jie Staion. And they will get to Zhoucun Ancient Commercial City.