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New August I Bridge travels Nanchang of China

New August I Bridge travels Nanchang of China

Write: Phelia [2011-05-23]

New August I Bridge travels  Nanchang of China


New August I Bridge of Nanchang was open to the traffic formally on September 29, 1997, this bridge was the first cable-stay bridge of Jiangxi Province. New August I Bridge is not only a grand modernized traffic facility, also a great view in Nanchang. This bridge of bridges type are coordinated with the urban environment, the appearance of the bridge is grand, the towering high tower corresponds to high building of two sides. Design adopting the vertical curve vertically and horizontally, like Changhong poaches the wave, curve is beautiful.
Three storeys of south bridges approach, the Interchange of the whole intercommunication, the loudspeaker type, powerful. Four circles such as butterflies flutter, reflect open floor, strongly fragrant fatherless platform, tree peony pavilion of history and culture of Jiangxi standing while enclosing. Four tower pavilions of dragon pearl pavilion. The black-and-white pair of cats of stone carving of either end of a bridge of south bank of bridge, significant. Cast one pair of lions of copper on the north bank, full of power and grandeur. Whole tall and straight and powerful grand bridge, as if huge dragon move crosswise, lie above the intersection of Jiangxi and river, link an organic whole with the enchanting sight of both sides of river, enhance each other s beauty, form a new travel scenery in Nanchang.