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The museum of Qingdao travels Qingdao of China

The museum of Qingdao travels Qingdao of China

Write: Vesper [2011-05-23]

The museum of Qingdao travels  Qingdao of China


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The museum of Qingdao lies in fish s mountain path No. 37, it is a historical relic that collects the rich, distinctive local History Museum of building. Takes up an area of 24 mu, the whole area is 3600 square meters, display is with an area of 1800 square meters. Museum Qingdao Red Cross Site of site of a meeting. This meeting maintains five is taught and unified, believe in that Shu, Confucianism, clears up, one, Islam, its building of site of a meeting has merged the architectural styles of different religious sects too, thus form the unique comprehensive buildings. There are courtyards of three passages within the red wall of yellow tile. Enter courtyard as Roman building that those Shu taught. Tower building, tall and big round corridor column, exquisite cloister structure with refined model, and the semi-circular dome, little angel s sculpture, rely on some s solemn and sacred atmosphere after building the church. For reflect Confucianism, clear up, the intersection of Taoism and national building form of spirit courtyard of three passages. Has had mountain doors ago, there are audience halls inside.
The mountain door is according to the architecture characteristic of Buddhism, three doors exist side by side, the door of Israel and China is the most mighty particularly. Door submit a written statement to have communicate, five teach, drive merciful ferry together, cross, take the intersection of you and Len with ascending one dish of banks Threshold unite. The mountain door hall has already been laid out into the exhibition room of calligraphy and painting now. A lot of precious historical relics are displayed in the courtyard in the open, among them in the guardrail in the east of the institute, sit in the east the west, north and south to stand side by side 4 featured by exquisite carving the north towards the intersection of stone engraving and statue and two stone tablets. Two stone images of the middle are up to 6 meters, so call Zhang eight Buddhism . The body of statue of Buddha inclines a little, one pair of eyes is slender, curve like the crescent, look at under sight, one includes and smiles, two feet fall and place oneself in the stone seat carved with the lotus flower. Both sides of Zhang of eight Buddhism, there is statue of a Bodhisattva whose height is 3 meters respectively, the barefoot places oneself in the lotus flower stone seat, one is the general trend of events to Bodhisattva, one is a sound Bodhisattva generation of the view. This 4 stone images, it is meticulous to carve, the pattern is clear, the model is graceful, vivid, reveal the great achievement from the north to religious art of era more than 1400 years ago, have extremely high appreciating that studies value in value and historical relic. Two stone tablets rank both sides respectively, first the semi-circular closely related line statue tablet head, carve 4 vigorous curling crab on the top, the model is extremely vivid. Another one is a rectangle semicircle head The temple of spring of dragon is written The stone tablet, it s a pity it is annual and deep with the passing of time, the writing has been already unable to recognize.
This stone image and stone tablet are put into temple of spring of dragon where the pool of dragon of Linzi of Shandong is near the village originally, the temple has already abolished princesses, two of Bodhisattva s head have already been broken. After Japanese invaders invade Shandong, had wanted to plunder the stone tablet of these stone images to Japan twice in July of 1928, because suffer the Chinese people s firm resistance, is forced to abandon this batch of precious historical relics at the black station of river shop. In 1930, Qingdao Sifang Rolling Stock Plant transported the stone tablet of stone image to Qingdao by the special train, lay it originally all sides in the park. Not moved in the courtyard of people s museum by July of 1979, for visitors to visit. In addition, also inlay outstanding 5 calligraphy stone inscriptions that waited for someone of modern famous manpower in the courtyard on the east wall, it is all a superior fine piece of writing. Under wall strong without being had besides for soul tablets green, forever except that build to remember not cost tablet and not kind to think fishing boat tax tablet, road of township district whether there are all over way picture tablet,etc. many stone tablet on master Shandonging. Have wound the mountain door, is located in nine principal columns of a hall of audience halls on the base. The hall word is tall and big and grand, the sets of brackets on top of the columns of layers of eaves, carry and cover the yellow glazed tiles, it is Qingdao that imitates Qufu Confucian Temple Dacheng Palace armored concrete building of the largest scale. The green tile of red wall of side hall in a palace or temple of both sides, are laid out into the exhibition hall together with audience hall now.
The pine and cypress is dark green in the courtyard, there is an exquisite and exquisite octagonal tree peony pavilion in the centre, when whenever enclose the pavilion strong and red and in full bloom, the brightness of flowers and birdsongs, the beauties of spring occupy every place in the garden. Lay all officers and men who attends antarctic investigation of PLA Navy and give Qingdao people s Antarctic stone in the pavilion, this stone was taken from Antarctic Nelson island February 20, 1985, carved in the equator of the Pacific Ocean, represent that attends the heart of 308 Antarctic officers and men for the first time in China, the heavy feeling of stone is heavier. Courtyard of three passages, as the Arab type building, there are obvious Islamic styles in the towering tower building. After liberation, this buildings are laid out into the museum of Qingdao, become the important place where market of Qingdao propagates culture. In storage the intersection of historical relic and 5 over Wan now, have a lot of rare treasure among them, particularly with Ming and Qing Dynasties until more calligraphy and painting. The collection of ancient pottery, jade ware, seal, past dynasties currency, valuable book is quite abundant too, build hall for over 30 years, hold great small-scale the intersection of exhibition and more than one hundred successively, receive audience, reach 270 person Wan, history display of a century of Qingdao Exhibit the masses of visitors as basic display, obtain very good propaganda result.