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Anyang City, a prefecture-level city in the north of Henan Province near the borders to Shanxi Province to the west and Hebei Province to the north, has a history of over 3000 years, and as such is one of the cradles of Chinese civilization. It was the site of the city of Yin, the last capital of the ancient Shang (BCE 1700-1027) Dynasty.

Being one of the eight most famous ancient capitals in China, Anyang is home to a great number of historical sites. The most famous attractions are the historical ruins of the Shang Dynasty, also named as "Yinxu", and the first Chinese Character Museum in China, which is built to better preserve the ancient Chinese civilization and culture, and to help foreign tourists better know about Chinese character and calligraphy.

Anyang is therefore a must-see for visitors who wish to observe the first-hand relics and remnants from a part of China's earliest historical period.

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by Talon 2011-05-23
It was originally called Tianning Temple, built in the later Zhou Dynasty. It has a history of over 1,000 years. Wenfeng Tower is different from ordinary towers. This tower is bigger in the upper part and smaller in the lower part, odd-shaped. Wenfeng Pagoda is famous for its unique style of structure. Just on the contrary to the ususal form of common ...
by Meinwen 2011-05-23
Admission: 5 yuan Contact: 0372-2930244 Anyang City, Henan Province, the west side of cool Village Best time: spring and autumn Complaint Phone: 0372-3688002 Transportation: City traffic: You can take bus No 5 to direct. The pagoda is at the foot of the southeastern part of Qingliang Mountain thirty-five kilometers north of Anyang County. The arrangement of ...
by Izanami 2011-05-23
Opening hours: 8:00-18:00 Ticket price: 30 yuan (CNY) Contact: 0372-6213664 Anyang City, Henan Province, 86 Tangyin guanyuemiao Street Best time: spring and autumn Complaint Phone: 0372-3688002 Transportation: City traffic: 10 Road Anyang to Tangyin green cars can reach. Yue Fei is one of Chinese history's most revered national hero, his home in the city ...