Tomb Of Yu Ji

In 202 B.C., War between Chu and Han had a decisive battle in Gaixia.Xiang Yu, a general of early Western Han dynasty had a small number of soldiers and was in trouble during the battle, besieged and encircled on all sides. Xiang Yu drank in the night, facing his beloved Concubine Yu and his horse Wu Zhui.

He chanted in a heroic but mournful tone, "I used to have powerful forces, but they have all gone. The situation does not favor me, and my golden opportunity to conquer Han has gone and is never to return. How sad it is!” Xiang Yu felt distressed and wept. Concubine Yu knew that military situation had changed, and mourned for the hopeless situation.

Then she chanted: "Han soldiers have conquered our land. At present, we are trapped and besieged by them. My emperor has lost the favored situation, and I will die with you!" Tears ran down her face, and she could not look at Xiang Yu directly. After chanting, Concubine Yu took out a sword and killed herself.

Xiang Yu managed to break out of the encirclement and escaped in panic. On his way, He built the tomb and buried Concubine Yu.

Address: It locates 15 kilometers east of Lingbi County of Suzhou City. 
Features: Lingbi County, famous for its jade, is the battlefield between Chu and Han. It has left the great legends of “Farewell My Concubine”.

Arrival Transportation:
You can take a taxi or a chartered vehicle to go to the Tomb of the Concubine.

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