Shanghai Auto Museum


The first dedicated auto museum in China, displaying around 70 vehicles since the birth of automobile.


Shanghai Auto Museum is located in Shanghai International Automobile City. It combines exhibitions of vintage cars, introduction of automobile history and culture, and interactive scientific activities.

The museum is mainly composed of 5 exhibition halls, respectively featuring history, vintage cars, technology, culture, and auto science popularization. The history hall illustrates the development and significant events of auto history through the exhibition of over 20 vintage automobiles and other displays. In the exploration hall, via pictures, games and multimedia-aids, visitors will get to know the basic knowledge and technical principles of autos, and experience the convenience and changes that auto brings to our life.


The museum displays about 70 vehicles of over 20 famous brands, spanning a history of 100 years. Among them, about 40 were provided by Blackhawk Group from the USA. The museum also has a themed exhibition, introducing the stories of old Shanghai and cars in pictures.

Travel Essentails:

Opening Hours: 9:30 – 16:30 (Close on Monday)

Address: 7565 Boyuan Road, Anting, Shanghai

Nearby Attractions:

  • Shanghai International Circuit (Formula One Chinese Grand Prix) – 10 km (6 miles)
  • Shanghai Volkswagen Industrial Tour – 2 km (1 mile)