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Shanghai Sculpture Park is built with the idea of "return to the nature and taste the flavor of art". It has lake zones and green areas with a large area. "Four seasons" can be experienced at the hinterland around the lake. About 50 giant sculptures made by modern artists from all around the world are harmonious with the picturesque scenery, being one obvious characteristic of the park. Picture show, artwork show and car exhibition are held regularly at Yuehu Art Gallery, making the park even more artistic. Intelligence Square and Recreation Area are not only heaven for kids. With all kinds of amusing entertainment facilities, adults can also enjoy themselves and retrace their losing colorful memories.

Feature: It is the place where you can appreciate the modern sculpture, natural sight and landscape art.
Opening Time: 09:00 – 18:00
Address: Linyin New Road NO.1158, Sheshan Holiday Resort
Transportation: Take the metro line NO.9, get off at Sheshan Station and go on for 5 minutes by taxi.

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Open hour 9:00-18:00 Ticket Ticket 120 yuans,in 70 old man and 1.2 meter children 50 yuanses under, pet ticket of 30 yuan /only. Traffic Address: She mountain national the intersection of travel resort and the intersection of shade of woods and new Luis Tree...Read More
Open hour Every day 9: 00-17: 00( 16: 00Stop entering the hall) ,Open in the whole year Do not have holidy) Ticket Eight yuan for adult Four yuan for student Traffic The No. of public transit 18, 21, 47, 854, 139, 97, the line of rainbow of Sichuan, Travelling ...Read More
Open hour August 16 of 2009. Business hours: 10:00-18:00. Ticket The ticket costs 200 yuan, try the ticket price of 160 yuan while opening, annual ticket is 428 yuan, does not only allow the number of times to play in per year. Traffic Shanghai happy valley ...Read More

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by Nigel 2011-05-23
Open hour 7: 30 to 16: 30 Ticket The east She mountain garden ( Including sand carving, one hundred birds garden, butterfly s garden) Free. The west She mountain garden ( Including observatory, church) 30 yuan. Monthly the intersection of lake and 80 of Sculpture Park 30 yuan of pet) . 10 yuan of Mashan on day. 6 yuan of small Kunshan garden Traffic Shanghai ...
by Camlin 2011-05-23
Open hour 6:00- 24:00 Ticket Free Traffic No. of public transit 55, 37, 65, 123, 868,etc. Introduce Established in 1868 Clear with managing for seven years) ,Have a history of 130 years already from today, the intersection of Shanghai and most early City Garden, lie outside cross the intersection of bridge and the east in vain, border on Huangpu River in the ...
by Sherlock 2011-05-23
Traffic Century borders on century field on the square in the south on the square, Century Park station of Subway Line No. two gets off Introduce The square is the largest open-air square of Shanghai in century, it is the only sculpture view square taking time as the theme too. And connect famous Century Road and the Century Park together ingeniously and ...