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Chongming Island lies against the northern shore of the Yangtze River and is an alluvial island formed by silt carried along the river. It gives the name to Chongming County, the only county of Shanghai. It is the third largest island in greater China at 1,041.21 km2 (402.01 sq mi), and is the second largest after Hainan Island currently under the administration of the People's Republic of China. The other two inhabited Shanghai islands are Changxing Island at 88.54 km2 (34.19 sq mi), and Hengsha Island at 55.74 km2 (21.52 sq mi).[1] The 25.5 km (15.8 mi) Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel and Bridge joining the island to Shanghai opened on 2009-10-31[2] The island will be connected to Jiangsu Province via Chonghai Bridge which has not been built yet and Chongqi Bridge which have be finished last year (2011).

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The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is the world s Fourth-tallest TV tower after the 610-meter New TV Tower in Guangzhou, the 553-meter CN Tower in Toronto and the 535-meter TV Tower in Moscow. It lies in the tip of Lujiazui in Shanghai s Pudong District on the ...Read More
Introduce Shanghai Yangtze Bridge steps 10 kilometers of river segment, the whole bridge is 16.5 -km-long, its design plan is the cable-stay bridge bridge type with ripe technology, design according to 6 two-way lanes, the speed is 100 kilometers per hour. ...Read More
Introduce The pearl lake park is located in the third largest island in the motherland -The southwest of Chongming Island. The intersection of it and the intersection of the north and coherent the intersection of Green Dragon and harbour, separate with surging ...Read More

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by Demetrius 2011-05-23
Open hour 8:00- 17:00 Ticket 25 yuan Traffic Urban area- The North-south Viaduct- Stone entrance to a cave quay( Ferry) -Quay of south gate- East way- Old the sea highway Travel east) -Reach build crossing, go up north along the highway educational base the north. Shanghai sets out: Ride No.5 Route of the travel in the collecting and distributing centre of ...
by Noadiah 2011-05-23
Introduce Sea Chen highway the intersection of Chongming Island and roundabout of south highway the intersection of this city and high-speed the intersection of planning of highways and the intersection of network and the intersection of Shanghai and high component of expressway Su. Of 24.3 kilometers in total length and having Chongming Century Road It ...
by Zombor 2011-05-23
Ticket 4 yuan Introduce It was stopped, lay in the south of gold Ao mountain, was established in the second year of the Chun You of Song Dynasty (A.D. 1241) that treasured island is four major ancient ,It is stopped that it is with the longest history and ancient inside the island that it is Chongming. the temple was fitted in the longevity in the past Once ...