Wuming Que and Dingfang Que

Que, which looks like a pagoda, is actually a kind very popular structure in the Han Dynasty over 2000 years ago. At that time it was usually built at the entrance of big cities, palaces, mansions, tombs and temples as a decoration. Later it gradually become a symbol of wealth and nobility. 

Wuming Que is about 8 kilometers from the center of the Zhong Xiancounty and actually there should have been two towers here as one pair. However , unfortunately the left one was missing and only the right one is left now. It was built in Eastern Han Dynasty( 25---220AD) It is a stone structure and made up of nine pieces of big flagstones. On the body of this tower there is a relief carving of white tiger , together with some carvings of strange-looking animals. As it has a long history and in order to protect it, the local government has built a pavilion here to put the structure inside for protection.

While Dingfang Que is actually a pair of structures, which also have a long history of 1800 years. Both of the two towers are about 7 meters high and they are 2 meters from each other. The bodies are covered with relief of different people and strange looking animals. The one on the east is made up of 11 pieces of flagstones and the one on the west is made up of 9. Of all the 29 remaining structures like Que in China, only Dingfang Que was built as one pair of structures. As a result it is very unique and valuable. And that is why as early as 1956 it was designated as one of the first group of historical relics by the provincial government.

In 2009 when the Three Gorge Project is finished, the original sites for Wuming Que and Dingfang Que will be submerged totally, as they are not so big and easily to be moved away, the local government has already moved them to Baigongci in Zhongxian County.Today when visitors come here , they can still appreciate the beauty and value of these two historical relics.