Goose Neck Park


Literally meaning "Goose Neck" Park, it is located at the highest place of Chongqing Peninsula. Eling Park is the best place to enjoy the night view of Chongqing City. It is also one of the earliest private gardens in Chongqing.


Located at Changjiang Road, Yuzhong district, Eling Park was originally named Edingling (Goose Nape Hill), for its narrow and steep shape resembling a nape of a goose. Eling Park was built in 1909, with special plant species and a newly built tower (Liangjiang Pavilion) providing panoramic view of the entire city.

On the crest of the city, Eling Park graces Chongqing with delicate miniature landscapes. Nanshan, Wangshan and Mt. Jinyun with age-old trees and bamboo groves are worth visiting. Swimming and bathing in the Hot Springs of the Southern and Northern Parks appeals to all. In the zoo there are such rare animals such as pandas and golden haired monkeys. Besides, there are many attractions worth visiting, such as Sheng Bridge, Tiger Terrace, Bonsai Garden, where guests can appreciate flowers and bonsai, enjoy the night scene and tasting the tea beverage. Now and then some exhibitions are held in the park, chrysanthemum exhibition in particular, which is the model of Chongqing garden art.

Out of its good location and beautiful natural scenery, it became the ideal place for a tranquilizing rest and visit in history. Many famous people have stayed or visited here for different reasons, such as Mr. and Mrs. Chiang-Kai-Shek, the premier of Kumingtang, Feng Yuxiang, Lin Sen, Sun Ke, Song Ziwen, He Yingqin, Yan Xishan, Chen Cheng, they all were the important ministers of Kumingtang. Australian Embassy was once located in the garden as well. After the liberation of Chongqing in 1949, the Southwest Military Command was set up here.

There are three top things to do while traveling in Chongqing: eating hotpot, watching night scenery and visiting the Three Gorges. And to watch night scenery, no place is better than at ELing Park.

How to get there
It can be reached by electricity bus No. 402, 403, or take public buses No. 109, 412, 413, 418, or 421.

Opening Hours
8: 00-22: 30

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