Sanjiaolong Wan


Located in Longgang range in the western part of Changbai Mountain, Longwan crater lake group is China’s biggest crater lake group. These alpine lakes are formed in volcanic eruption in ancient geological age. Sanjiaolong Wan National Forest Park has many cater lakes which are famous for their complicated topography and the unusual landform. The park takes up 81square kilometers (31 miles) out of which 2 square kilometers (0.9 miles) are covered by water and 68 square kilometers (26 miles) by forest. It was listed as one of the national nature preserves in 1992.

The attraction is made up of 10 scenic spots (seven bays, one waterfall and two peaks): Dalong Bay, Erlong Bay, Sanjiaolong Bay, Xiaolong Bay, Donglong Bay, Nanlong Bay, Hanlong Bay, Jinlongding (golden dragon peak), Sifangding (square peak) and Diaoshuihu Waterfall. More than 100 sceneries are situated in the attraction park.

The major scenery spot, Sanjiaolong Bay, is 687 meters (2,253 ft) high. Crater wall is 50 (164 ft) to 130 meters (427 ft) high, the lake coverage is 0.43 square kilometers (about 0.2 miles) and the deepest point is 86 meters (282 ft). It possesses graceful mountains and precipitous cliffs, marvelous stones and pleasant waters.

It is said that there used to be a black dragon cultivating itself here. That dragon flew to the Tianchi Lake (Celestial Lake) in Changbai Mountain later. Its resting place forms Sanjiaolong Bay (triangle dragon bay). The bay gets the name from its triangle shape. Some also say that the name is from the triangle megalith standing in the south of the bay.

The bay is divided into two parts——the south part and the north part. The south bay with open lake is bigger. The north bay is small but calm. A small island is situated in the middle of the bay. A pavilion which is called Lingxin Pavilion is built on the island. The bay is surrounded by precipitous cliffs and spectacular peaks.

The cliffs in the east are like with fresco. The crater cliff is undulate, clothing with green trees; the water in the lake is clean and quiet. The scenery here is the best in Longwan Bay.

The Diaoshuihu Waterfall, 10 meters (33 ft) wide and 6 meters (20 ft)deep, was shaped by both the eruption of a volcano and the break of the river bank. It is a tourist destination unlike any other but an awe-inspiring vacation destination. The Falls give off a round-the-clock roar, a refreshing and surprisingly far-reaching - mist, and a reminder of just how wondrous our natural world is.

From the marvel of gazing at the waterfall from innumerable look-out points to adrenaline-fueled activities like whitewater jet boats, there are many ways to experience them. It is a bustling destination full of activities for most everyone.

Two peaks, Jinlongding (golden dragon peak) and Sifangding (square peak) are of outstanding value from the point of view of aesthetics, science, history and culture. Both rise abruptly to over 1,000 meters (3,281 ft) above the vast plain of northeast China. The sharp contrast between the peaks and their surrounding plain and hills makes it especially majestic.

Travel Essentials

How to get there: Sanjiaolong Wan National Forest Park is located 45 kilometers (28 miles) from Zhaoyang Town Huinan County. Travelers can take the tour shuttle bus from Huinan Bus Station. The whole journey only costs 40 minutes.

Ticketing: The ticket fare charges 80 yuan.

Open time: 8:00–5:30

Travellers can customize a tour including Sanjiaolong WanNational Forest Park.