Turtle Head Island

Turtle Head Island

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The Turtle Head Island a small peninsular on the Taihu Lake- third largest freshwater lake in China is the best place to view the mist-covered Taihu Lake.

The park in the island take advantage of the natural scenery of the Taihu Lake to create a traditional garden with traditional buildings, luxuriant but well-spaced woods, flowers, exotic rocks along the bank of the lake.

The first thing that visitors will encounter in the park is a memorial arch. Passing through the Jianjin gate and the Lishe gate, you will reach the Changchun Bride, where clusters of cherry trees grow.  In early spring the cherry blossoms bloom in full profusion, deeply red or Chinese white, like colorful clouds and morning fog, splendid and dazzling. These cherry trees are donated by friends from Japan.

Across Changchun Bridge, turn left from another arch you will see a lotus pond, a curved bridge and the Huxin Pavilion. The "depth of lotus" is a good place to view and admire lotus in summer. "Qingfen Islet" is in the center of the lotus pond and connected to the land with small bridge. There are three open halls in ancient style built on the islet named "Songfen Hall".

Geographical location :It is on the Huanhu Road of Mei Garden in Wuxi City.

How to get there:Take the bus route 1 from the Wuxi railway station directly to the Yuantouzhu Park.

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Turtle Head Island Built in 1918 and adjoining the Taihu Lake, the Turtle Head Island is a park considered as a must-see among all of the parks in Wuxi. Consisting of natural mountains and lakes, this 75-acre park has over 10 scenic spots of natural landscape, ...Read More
Weizhou Island Weizhou Island of Beihai is China's youngest volcanic island, and also Guangxi Province's largest one known as one of the ten most beautiful islands in China. Located in the middle of Beibu Gulf just off the costal Chinese town of Beihai, and ...Read More
Taihu Lake is a national scenic area, The Turtle's Head Park is an island located in Wuxi. It's actually a small stone stretching into the Taihu Lake like a Turtle's head, hence the name, It is the top scene of Taihu Lake. The Turtle's Park is located in the ...Read More

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by Cochiti 2011-05-23
Taihu Lake Located at the junction of Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province, Taihu Lake, the third of China's five largest fresh-water lakes, is a beautiful national-level scenic spot as well as the cradle of the Wu and Yue cultures. Taihu Lake is at a sea-level of only 3.33 meters, with a deepest point of 4.8 meters and an area of 2338 square kilometers. ...
by Samir 2011-05-23
Taihu Lake is situated 4 km southwest of Wuxi, it consists of Meiliang Lake and Lihu Lake. With an area of 2250 square kilometres and an average depth of 2 metres, Taihu Lake (or Lake Tai) is the third largest freshwater lake in China. Some 90 islets, large or small, plus the presence of many fleets of fishing junk boats add to its landscape, making it a ...
by Zahin 2011-05-23
Taihu, or Lake Tai, one of the largest freshwater lakes within the Yangtze River Delta, and one of the largest lakes in all of China - indeed, Lake Tai is China's third-largest freshwater lake - is situated in the southernmost part of Jiangsu Province, with part of the lake's southern boundary forming the common border between Jiangsu Province to the north ...