Jiawu War Museum

Liugong Island is one of the most important attractions in Wei Hai. In 1887 during the Qing Dynasty, the Northern Sea Navy was established and set it's headquarters on this island.

A cluster of traditional brick-and-wood buildings with a central axis running inside. The navy headquarter was divided into three sections : the anterior hall, the hall in the middle and the hall in the posterior. The anterior hall was used official business discussions; the middle hall was for banqueting and the posterior hall was for memorial services.

A long corridor connects the two yards together and on either side of the gate an area was located for drum-beating , music performance and as a watchtower. The whole building teemed with exquisite statues and carvings and was full of grandeur.

200 meters southwest to the headquarter was the former residence of the Inspector of the Navy:Ding ruchang who died in the war between China and Japan in the Yellow Sea in 1894.

The headquarters now serves as the Jiawu anti-Japanese War Museum..In addition, there are 28 navy historic relics as the Former Navy School, a temple dedicated to the King of the Sea,  the memorial to the soldiers that died in the war.

The museum houses lots of rare and precious historic antiques. Two giant cannons dredged out from underwater weighing as much as 20 tons each. The antiques, lots of pictures and wax figures, models and Sandboxie coupled with some audio and video technology, vividly gives all visitors some real insight into the war that happened hundreds of years ago.