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16 New Products from Zoomlion Passed Provincial Authentication

16 New Products from Zoomlion Passed Provincial Authentication

Write: Nika [2011-05-20]

Author: Zoomlion Source: Zoomlion 2008-04-28

12th May, 2005, Zoomlion 2004 New Products Authentication Conference held by Hunan Science Office and other departments. About 30 leaders and specialists from Hunan Science Office, Hunan Development and Reformation Commission, Central South University, Hunan University, Changsha University of Science & Technology, National Architecture & Urban Construction Machinery Quality Supervising Testing Center, China National Construction Machinery Quality Supervising Testing Center and other organizations, had participated this authentication conference. 16 new products developed by Zoomlion in 2004 all passed the authentication.

2004 is a R&D harvest year for Zoomlion. In this year, Zoomlion have completed 108 new product development and technical reformation, 4 national technology projects, have developed the first self-developed 300T mobile crane in China, which have been call the Biggest Crane in China , ended the history of mobile crane over 100 tons relies on importation in China.

Zoomlion s new product, the first heater in on site heat regenerator series in China, stands for a new era of asphalt road surface maintenance in China. Zoomlion also completed the research and development of intelligent road surface series planning equipment, a national 863 key technology project; made or adjusted 9 national industry standard, among which the <<Truck Mounted Concrete Pump>> filled the blank of national standard for truck mounted concrete pump, gained 41 national patents, and patents number increased 20 per year; awarded 11 prizes for advanced technology and new product.

The authentication report comments: In this authentication, all 16 products have correct and completed technology documents, products structure is logical, condition of manufacture, process and test meets the requirement of batch production. Products have advanced performance, high efficiency, and reliable operation. In technology, these products are leading in China. Asphalt Road Surface On Site Regenerator has reached advanced international level. Products authentication commission agrees for passing the authentication, could be batch produced.
16 New Products from Zoomlion Passed Provincial Authentication

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