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China s first large civil helicopter sets off

China s first large civil helicopter sets off

Write: Minette [2011-05-20]

China   s first large civil helicopter sets off

AC 131 large civil helicopter, made by Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) independently, finished its first flight successfully in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi yesterday.

The maximum take-off weight of AC 131 helicopter is 13.8 tons and the maximum range 900 km. It can carry 27 passengers or 15 wounded at one time. The helicopter is safe, reliable, and comfortable, and can be widely used in aviation services such as passenger and cargo transportation, search and rescue, emergency rescue and disaster relief, fire control in cities and forests, anti-terrorism activities, off-shore oil and gas exploitation, commuter flight, medical aid, tourism and sightseeing, public affairs, etc.

As China s first large civil helicopter, AC 131 is made strictly following airworthiness regulations, whose performance reaches the international level of the third generation helicopter. AC 131 fills in the blank and is a milestone in the history of China s helicopter development.