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The 21st Dalian International Fashion Festival & Carnival to open

The 21st Dalian International Fashion Festival & Carnival to open

Write: Ishver [2011-05-20]
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The much publicized 21st Dalian International Fashion Festival & Carnival and the 2010 China (Dalian) International Garment & Textile Fair (CIGF) will open from September 4-8. Yesterday afternoon, the Dalian Municipal Government held a press conference to brief on the 21st Dalian International Fashion Festival & Carnival. It is reported that there will be four parts to the festival and carnival: the opening ceremony, the carnival activities, the fashion festival activities and the closing ceremony.
The Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony will be held at 20:00 on Sept.4 at Dalian Xinghai Square. When the ceremony is over, there will be a parade, carnival performance and a large dance party. The parade will be along the outer circle of the Xinghai Square with 30 floats and 2,000 models from home and abroad; the dance party will be held around the plaza of the ornamental column in Xinghai Bay and inner ring-road of the Xinghai Square, with about 10,000 people in costumes singing and dancing.
The Carnival Activities
The theme of the Carnival activities is five I Want , square cultural activities and carnival parades. Meanwhile, all the boroughs and economic pilot zones will hold their own thematic activities in their own areas.

1 Colorful Screen Show: I Want to Be on TV a citizens talent show, which will take place at 16:00 on Sept. 5 at Dalian Naval Square, Zhongshan District. People will showcase their talents through various art forms such as singing, instrumental music, dancing, modeling, plays and works of folk art, performing in different combinations from organizations, armies, campuses, family units, communities, villagers and twins, etc.
2 Rich Costume Show: I Want to Be a Model a citizens fashion model show, at 16:00 on Sept. 5 at Olympic Square, Xigang District.
3 Passionate Dance Show: I Want to Dance a citizens dancing performance, at 16:00 on Sept. 5 at the square of the Shahekou Public Administration Service Center. People will enter their names voluntarily for the show which is based on a Lijia Cup Dance Contest, a Hip-Hoop Competition by the Dalian Commission of the Communist Youth League and a Children's Dance Competition.
4 Songs of the Time: I Want to Sing Loud a citizens chorus performance, at 16:00 on Sept. 5, in the Pearl Square of Ganjingzi District.
5 Blue Wedding: I Want to Be a Bride a citizens show on bridal wedding gowns, at 10:00 on Sept. 5 in the Dalian Labor Park. The brides, old or young and from different countries and nationalities, will together show the fashion and romance of the city. There will be a Fashion Model Show, Wedding Etiquette & Supplies Showcase and a Collective Wedding for 21 New Couples.

6 The Parade Carnival Performance
There will be four performances: the first will be part of the opening ceremony taking place at 20:00 on Sept. 4 at the Xinghai Square; the second at 20:00 on Sept. 5 along Zhongshan Road between the Olympic Square and Zhongshan Square; the third at 19:30 on Sept. 6 in Jinzhong New Area, and the fourth at 19:30 on Sept. 7 in Puwan New Area.
The Fashion Festival Activities
1. "Dalian Cup" Young Fashion Designer Contest
Up till now, the organizers of the contest have received 2336 entries in 584 series from 10 fashion institutions of Dalian. 38 final-list designers, together with 8 Dalian clothing enterprises, have completed their works for 160 entries in 40 series. Championship finals will be held at 19:30 on Sept. 4 in Dalian Release Center for Fashion Creation (Z28 Fashion Silicon Valley).

2. Asian Ethic Groups Fashion Exhibition
To help Dalian people and tourists know more about the history of fashion and accessories, and to show the unique Asian fashion culture, the festival will hold a showcase, through collections and copies, on Asian Ethic Groups Fashion, with 150 pieces from 60 sets . The exhibition will be held in Dalian Release Center for Fashion Creation (Z28 Fashion Silicon Valley) from September 4 to October 31.
3. Dalian Local Fashion Sales Exhibition
A local fashion sales exhibition with a total of 600 exhibition booths will be held at the Dalian Xinghai Convention & Exhibition Center from September 4 to 11. There will be three shows for Dalian Local Fashion brands in Dalian Release Center for Fashion Creation; at 19:00 on Sept. 5, a special show for the brand of Nice Feel ; at 19:30 on Sept. 6, a brand release conference for 2010 Know the Mutant ; at 19:30 on Sept. 7, Sunlaura 2010 Midsummer Night's Dream Underwear Performance.
4. Garden Party
A garden party is scheduled to kick off at Dalian Labor Park (a main venue for the party), the Tiger Beach Ocean Park, Forest Zoo, Yanwoling Wedding Park, Fujiazhuang Park, Yanwoling Wedding Park, Charm of the Sea Square and Dalian Botanical Garden. There will be different settings along with different features of each venue, highlighting the event with fashion culture and combining exhibitions of flowers, fashion and accessories, art performances, square performances and self-amusement activities.

The Closing Evening & Awards Ceremony

The Closing Evening & Awards Ceremony of the festival and carnival will take place at 20:00 on September 8 at Dalian Xinghai Square. There will be a closing and awards ceremony as well as an artistic performance.