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Hang Lung Plaza to be built at the site of Dalian People s Stadium

Hang Lung Plaza to be built at the site of Dalian People s Stadium

Write: Sarala [2011-05-20]

After the demolition of Dalian People's Stadium which enjoyed a history of 85 years, a world-class shopping mall with shopping, leisure and entertainment in one entity will be built at the location. Yesterday, Hang Lung Plaza Dalian Project held a groundbreaking ceremony. Xia Deren, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Liaoning Committee and secretary of the Dalian Party Committee, Mayor Li Wancai, Wang Chengmin, deputy director of the Dalian Municipal People s Congress, Vice Mayor Zhang Jun and Vice Chairman Lou Yuhua of the Dalian Municipal CPPCC attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony. At the ceremony, Xia Deren, Li Wancai, Ronnie C. Chan, chairman of Hang Lung Properties Limited of Hong Kong, and Philip Nan Lok Chen, managing director of Hang Lung Properties Limited of Hong Kong, dotted the eyes of dancing southern and northern lions respectively.

In his speech, Li Wancai said that the groundbreaking of Dalian Hang Lung Plaza, invested in by Hang Lung Group Limited of Hong Kong, is pleasant news of high-end commercial development of Dalian s modern service industry. Hang Lung Group Limited is a prestigious commercial real estate developer and operator, having important status in the field. The investment of Hang Lung Group in Dalian is of great significance for the perfection of Dalian s commercial layout, the development of its modern service industry, the improvement of urban functions and quality of people s lives and the formation of a new city landmark and a "hot spot" of the economic area. Dalian is now fully implementing the strategy of the opening and development of Liaoning Coastal Economic Zone, accelerating macro-urbanization and the construction of Three Centers, One Cluster and striving for the new strategic development leap forward. The city's ability to absorb the influx has been continuously enhanced and people's living standards have been greatly improved, providing broad scope for the development of high-end commerce. The Dalian Municipal Government will fully support the development of the Hang Lung Group in Dalian, providing them with preferential policies and quality services and creating a good environment and better conditions.

It is learned from the Aedas Architects, the project designer, that Hang Lung Plaza Dalian Project, with Tai Chi Jumping Carp in Traditional Chinese New Year Paintings as a blueprint and using modern design techniques, will be built into a beautiful geometric paper clip shape with two carp connecting from head to tail. It will undoubtedly become a new landmark of Dalian and a representative work highlighting Dalian s ambiance in macro-urbanization.Currently, all the construction projects in the interior of China by Hang Lung Properties Limited of Hong Kong have been issued with gold certification Award for Energy and Environmental Design - Core and Shell Group (LEED) by the U.S. Green Building Council. The Hang Lung Plaza in Dalian will also use solar power, ground source heat pumps and other advanced environmental protection technologies.

Hang Lung Plaza Dalian Project will be invested in and constructed by Hang Lung Properties Limited of Hong Kong, with a total investment expected to be about 45 million, a total area of 63,400 square meters and a total construction area of 370,000 square meters. Hang Lung Properties Limited of Hong Kong is a well-known real estate developer in Hong Kong and in the interior of China. Since their entrance in the Mainland market in 1992, they have successfully accomplished many commercial projects in Shanghai, Shenyang, Jinan, Wuxi and Tianjin. Hang Lung Plaza Dalian Project is a key commercial project of the city, which will improve urban functions of Xigang District, upgrade industries, enrich the industrial connotation of the center of the main city area and promote the influence of the central business district and outgrowths.