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Profiles of the Participating Firms in Environment/Energy Seminar-Poyry Energy

Profiles of the Participating Firms in Environment/Energy Seminar-Poyry Energy

Write: Mary [2011-05-20]

Poyry Energy

Profiles of the Participating Firms in Environment/Energy Seminar-Poyry Energy


Poyry Energy is a leading international energy consulting and engineering firm. Its services cover the entire life cycle of the client s business, from strategic consulting to project implementation, operation and maintenance, and modernization projects. P?yry has accrued experience of energy projects in mainland China since 1979. Clients include privately or government owned utilities, industrial companies, equipment suppliers, and financing institutions and development banks.

The business group focuses on five business areas:

Management Consulting

Power & Heat

Renewable Energy


Oil & Gas.

Management Consulting provides integrated management consulting services for the entire energy sector, covering the whole value chain. In China, as elsewhere, the changing regulatory environment, environmental issues, structural changes in the energy sector and rapid economic development challenge energy administrators and investors alike.

P?yry offers its clients sector analysis, due diligence services and environmental consulting, including advisory on CDM. P?yry s energy experts provide market insight and have a highly analytic goal-oriented approach, which is combined with solid understanding of underlying energy technology and knowledge of worldwide best practices.

Power & Heat focuses on thermal power plants, co- and tri-generation, district heating and cooling, and coal-to-gas conversion. China s rapidly expanding power generation system calls for increasing variety in generation methods and more focus on energy efficiency areas where P?yry Energy excels. P?yry seeks to design tailor made and optimized power plant processes for the specific needs of its clients: utilities, power companies and industries.

Poyry Energy is listed by leading ranking entities as the world s top expert organization in cogeneration. P?yry Energy has provided engineering services for power plant capacity of more than 40,000 MW worldwide.

Renewable Energy is having increasing importance in China s national energy strategy. It is also one of the core areas of P?yry Energy s expertise. P?yry is a market leader in Europe as an engineer and consultant for the development of waste-to-energy plants and biomass utilization, with experience based on more than 200 waste-to-energy and bioenergy projects to date. We understand what drives the market and have comprehensive know-how in assessing and using renewable energy sources. For bioenergy plants we also take full turnkey and operation responsibility.

Hydropower for P?yry means dams; high and low head power plants, storage and run-of-river schemes as well as pumped-storage stations. Our experience in hydropower spans over fifty years with projects in 70 countries. Many of these projects are multipurpose projects which cover besides the power production also flood control, water supply and irrigation. The strong integrated engineering know-how built-up during implementation of many projects in all parts of the world is the basis for the leading position in hydropower.

Wind power, solar energy, geothermal energy

Oil & Gas provides comprehensive consulting, engineering and construction/commissioning services to the offshore/onshore Oil and Gas industry. Our focus is primarily upstream but we also cover specific downstream areas.

Services cover conceptual, front-end and detailed design plus follow-on engineering with emphasis on high "value adding". We have particular expertise in brownfield process expansions, pipelines, storage and safety.

We have carried out thousands of projects in the Middle East, Southern Europe and the North Sea. Many have been executed under long term partnering agreements. P?yry seeks for establishing similar partnerships with oil and gas companies operating in China.

China s District Energy Business

China is a large country with vast northern areas where heating is needed during winters. But with the modernization of building construction, also cooling is emerging as a major contributor to the increased national energy consumption. Modern district heating and cooling systems combined with energy efficient cogeneration represent in many areas the best practice for building heating and cooling requirements.

Through many years effort, Poyry Energy has earned high reputation and market share as a services provider in district energy field in China. Tens of district heating projects make us in the leading international firm in China market. P?yry Energy provides its clients innovative and reliable services from the creation of a project idea up to the final commercial operation of a district heating and/or district cooling system. P?yry s business activities in this area cover the following:

Combined heat and power plants

?Heat-only boiler plants fired by solid fuels, fuel oils or gas

?District heating networks

Thermal energy storages, heat accumulators, and chilled water storages

Consumer installations for district heating

DH driven absorption chiller-based district cooling, and cooling energy storages

Rehabilitation of DH systems

Automation and control system of district heating and cooling systems

Supply of complete systems as EPC/EPS contractor

Beijing District Heating Group (BDHG), the largest heat utility company in China, has been P?yry s highly valued client. P?yry Energy has provided extensive services to BDHG, from preparation of master plans, conceptual design and process optimisation to comprehensive delivery of efficient energy system. P?yry has also offered services to he cities of Qingdao, Xi an and Tianjin.

Poyry represents modern, innovative and creative technology that is always adapted to meet the client s needs. P?yry delivered the 1st DH boiler plant coal-to-gas conversion in China in 1997. The company also delivered the 1st and so far the largest natural gas fired DH hot water boiler plant with a total capacity of 6x116 MW, and China s 1st DH hot water heat accumulator; all located in Beijing.