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We are here to help

We are here to help

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We are here to help
Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Committee of CPC Wang Yang comes to SYSU to investigate the team building of the research staff

We are here to help . On June 25, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, secretary of Guangdong Provincial Committee of CPC Wang Yang comes to SYSU to investigate the team building of the research staff. The aim of the investigation is to learn about and to help solve the problems encountered by the research team. Party secretary Wang Yang emphasized that the talent shortage problem must be solved in order to transform the mode of economic development of Guangdong province. We must rely on market and industry advantage to attract more international talents so that the situation of introducing, cultivating and employing talents could be established.
We are here to help
Party secretary Wang Yang investigates human virology research team s lab
We are here to help
Party secretary Wang Yang and the delegation are having a discussion with SYSU leaders and the computer research team
We are here to help
Party secretary Wang Yang laughs heartily during the discussion with two innovative scientific research teams
We are here to help
Party secretary Wang Yang, Secretary of the Party Committee of SYSU Zheng Detao, President Huang Daren and human virology research team are posing for a photo
We are here to help
Party secretary Wang Yang, Secretary of the Party Committee of SYSU Zheng Detao, President Huang Daren, Professor Zhu Xiping and computer research team are posing for a photo
In order to boost Guangdong s industrial upgrade, lift capability of independent innovation and to further change its economic growth mode, Guangdong had introduced 12 world-class innovative scientific research teams earlier this year. Each of the teams was supported by grantsfrom the government; vary from 10 million RMB to 80 million RMB. The human virology research team and computer research team that Party secretary Wang Yang is visiting belong to the 12 teams. The two teams are led respectively by world famous virologists Professor Zhang Hui and mathematician Professor Xu Yuesheng. Professor Zhang Hui expressed his feelings: after 21 years of staying in America, I finally come back to construct my country where I grew up; I was deeply moved by Guangdong s eagerness for talents and the passion and sincerity of the leaders of SYSU . Party secretary Wang Yang communicated with the researchers in the lab, through the communication, he learned about the team s fund management and equipment introduction situation. He also showed concern about the researchers housing, household registration and their children s education, and discussed with them about the solution of these problems. When he learned that the teams are equipped with better equipments and the researchers family members are helped in their work, Wang Yang was very happy, he said: I am glad to see that SYSU concerns about talents, this means that the central government and Guangdong province both value talents and innovative team .
The success of scientific and technological innovation rests on the innovation of concept and management, said Professor Xu Yuesheng, the introduction of innovative team calls for the innovation management system. Hopefully the related departments will grant us more autonomy and flexibility so that more talents would come to Guangdong to help develop the economy. During the discussion, Secretary Zheng Detao, President Huang Daren, Vice President Meng Lifeng, Professor Zhang Hui, Professor Xu Yuesheng and their research team issued reports to Party secretary Wang Yang about talents introduction and the team building of innovative team. They also gave suggestions on how to promote Guangdong s industry transformation and economic and social development. Their reports also include opinions about establishing talents management mechanism that meets common international practices.
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Brief introduction of Research Team for Human Virology & Research Team for Computer Science
. SYSU Research Team for Human Virology
1. Background and overview of the team
The initiator of SYSU research team for human virology, Professor Zhang Hui, returned to China for full-time work in 2009 and nominated for the national Thousand People Program . Ever since the innovative research team program was launched into Guangdong, Sun Yat-sen University, and led by Professor Zhang Hui, the program had attracted a number of famous scholars in and abroad, who made up of the research team for human virology that successfully nominated as one of the first innovative research teams in Guangdong. The core members of the team include Professor Huang Xi, Professor Liu Huanliang, Professor Zhou Jie, and Professor Huang Chaofeng. This team, based on the subtropical climate and diseases features represented by Guangdong area, aims to develop antivirus drugs with proprietary intellectual property rights. More accurately, it is an internationally advanced R&D team for antivirus drugs, which is market-oriented and combines production, learning and research.
2. Main content of the research
The team mainly engages in the research and development of significant human pathogenic virus specific drugs and the regeneration program for immunocyte. The purpose of this program is to establish a world-class basic and application platform for virology and make the team research on significant human pathogenic virus internationally advanced. By setting up the high-throughput drug screening platform and computer simulating screening platform, the innovative research team, focusing on the specific targets of several pathogenic viruses, respectively screened out several specific micro molecule antivirus drugs against H1N1 flu, HIV-1, HBV, etc. Meanwhile, based on some contemporary theories and techniques of stem cell research, the team tries to probe into the clone and expansion in vitro of virus specific memory stem cell, so as to explore a brand new method for treating viral infections.
3. Outlook for the program industrialization
Due to warm and wet subtropical climate, and dense population with large flows, Guangdong is a high infection area for virus diseases. Human Virology Research Team will greatly enhance the basic research of significant human pathogenic viruses. Meanwhile, the team will establish antivirus drugs screening center and specific antivirus immunocyte regeneration base, promoting the transformation of virus research results in Pearl River Delta area. The innovative team will obtain a series of patented technology with full intellectual property rights and develop internationally advanced antivirus drugs. This will exert a radiating and driving effect on the development of the biomedicine industry across and around Pearl River Delta area, contributing to the economic and social development of Guangdong and even the whole country.
II. Computer science research team of SYSU
1.Brief introduction
Professor Xu Yuesheng, a leading person of the Computer Science Research Team of SYSU, returned to China at the beginning of 2009 and was s nominated for the national "Thousand- talent Introduction Plan". When Guangdong started the project of introducing innovative research team, led by Professor Xu Yuesheng, SYSU attracted well-known scholars home and abroad to join in the Computer Science Research Team, which was chosen as the first innovative research team in Guangdong. Core members of the team also included: Professor Zhang zhiming, Professor Cao Yanzhao, Professor Shen Lixin, Professor Zhang Haizhang and Professor Jiang Yin. It's a world-class innovative research team and its members have made international first-class research achievements in the fields of numerical solution of differential equations, integral equations fast algorithm, random question calculation method, image processing, high-dimensional data processing and machine learning theory.
2.Main research contents
At present, the information industry is facing "multi-core revolution", the hardware development of high-performance computing from single core to multi-core is relatively mature, but related algorithms and software development are still in their infancy. These bring opportunities to Guangdong information industry to seize the commanding heights of multi-core parallel computing and software. The Computer science research team of SYSU aims to develop high-performance calculation method based on multicore computer. Detailed research included: 1, high-performance and multi-core parallel computing; 2, non-stationary signal analysis of adaptive data and its application in medical signal processing; 3, the new computerized tomography(CT) reconstruction algorithm and its application in medical image; 4, the statistical learning method of enterprise assessment and risk warning; 5, partial differential equation methods of processing huge amount of complex data of oil and gas seismic exploration; 6, high-precision ultra-fast Fourier transformation of high dimensional data; 7, high precision and fast image processing based onIntegral equation model.
3.Perspective of project industrialization
Combining with Guangdong industry and promote its IT product innovation and industry competitiveness, so as to provide computing support and counseling for the government and enterprise, thus transform "Made In Guangdong" to "Created in Guangdong". The contents of industrialization include: 1, develop multicore parallel programming environment with independent intellectual property; 2, develop multicore parallel applications software, such as medical image processing, medical ECG signal processing, enterprise risk warning, numerical calculation and data processing of oil and gas exploration; 3, change software developed into IT products.