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Jiudaowan Canyon

Jiudaowan Canyon

Write: Yenene [2011-05-20]

Jiudaowan Canyon, the longest canyon in MiyunCounty, is located to the west of BeishichengVillage, ShichengTownship, about 88 kilometers (55 miles) from Beijing. With an area of 1,800 hectares (4,448 acres), the scenic area offers seventy-eight attractions, including a graceful lake, five grand waterfalls, eighteen deep pools, and an extremely cool cave. The canyon faces the pleasant Yunmengshan National Forest Park in the west and the Miyun Reservoir in the east.

The picturesque canyon is known as the Huangguoshu Waterfall of northern China, for it is as beautiful as the famous Huangguoshu Waterfall in GuizhouProvince. The canyon is stunning with countless steep peaks and strange rocks, and they captivate visitors with their infinite variety of forms. Some look like sleeping dragons and some resemble intimate couples. Some vast stones stand firmly in the water, while some tower one peaks all for the visitor s delight.

The fanciful canyon zigzags through the mountains like a deer hopping through a forest, forming nine gulfs with each gulf intoxicating with its exotic views. In the third gulf lies a vast stone resembling an energetic frog; seen from another direction, the stone looks like a toddling turtle. Near the eighth gulf, there is a strange footprint 4 to 5 meters (13 to 16 feet) long iclearly engraved in it.On the ninth gulf, there is a winding path in the woods that leads to an extremely cool cave.

This mysterious cave, noted for being like a natural air conditioner, is a great attraction in northern China. In midsummer, the intense heat can be unbearable yet one can feel chilled to the bone inside the cave. The temperature change can be felt suddenly and very drastically just after a few steps into the cave!

Eighteen deep pools are scattered through the magnificent canyon resembling shining pearls in an enchanting painting. The shining water waves are reflected on vast rock walls by the brilliant sunlight, presenting a dazzling sight. You could have a try to catch some small fish swimming around in the clear water. Underneath the deep waters there are yet, still several more unfathomable caves!

Most of the area is covered by forests, green mountains, clear waters, blue sky, and white clouds, all of which complement each other delightfully. In the spring, marvelous flowers and rare plants come into your view in overwhelming succession. In the summer, boating, swimming, fishing in the water, and enjoying the bewitchingly beautiful scene, are truly breathtaking. If you come here in September and October, you will have the chance to pick the many fruits and nuts, including Chinese gooseberries, wild grapes, Chinese dates, hazels, and walnuts.

Location: ShichengTownship, MiyunCounty

Open Time: 24 hours

Telephone: +86-10-61025204

Admission: 35 yuan

Bus Routes:

Bus 987 from Dongzhimenwai to Miyun Shuiku (Miyun Reservoir), then take a taxi to the Jiudaowan Canyon .

Bus 980, 970 from Dongzhimenwai to Miyun Bus Station , then transfer to a small bus to the Jiudaowan Canyon .