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Travel in Lotus Pool Park Beijing of China

Travel in Lotus Pool Park Beijing of China

Write: Nicholas [2011-05-23]

Travel in Lotus Pool Park  Beijing of China


6,50,340,613,620,704,822,927,368,323,822,811,Special Line 7 No. 937, get off at Lianhuachi or south square of Beijing West Railway Station.


Lotus Pool Park is located in the Fengtai District, close to the south square of Beijing West Railway Station, it is national A A grade travel scenic spot, first class park of Beijing, municipality protected historic site.
Lianhuachi is regarded as the ancient runis park, have deep intension of history and culture. She is in close relation with origin of Beijing ancient city. She is from Beijing ancient city The source of the life . There was there was Lianhuachi first, and then from Beijing in history The saying, have a history of more than 3000 years from today. Beijing history of founding a capital of city capital move Yanjing from will it be Jin Dynasty A.D. 1153 Ji Cheng) Set up and begin in gold, in gold just in the east of Lianhuachi, all setting-up plays a role in forming a connecting link to the development and construction of Beijing in gold.
There are beautiful beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains, the grass looks like a carpet, garden view in profusion in Lotus Pool Park. The lotus is blooming in season in summer. The intersection of Milan and lotus pool Wan, let you appreciate publish the silt without dyeing and wash the clear water without goblin Burden appearance,last be oozed willow shadow by its submarine, fragrant and dark and coherent when lasting breezes angry Temperament and interest. You can swing the cast lake water of boat, realize the duckweed rises and breaks the lotus boat way Soon pleased. The exquisite white marble statue, will tell you legend of fairy maiden and lotus root my darling of lotus flower by the lotus pool . The south bank on lake The angling area Let the intersection of you and happy the intersection of gas and person who raise, wash the dust and set aside all worries. Accompanying the grandson with the son, you can be in children s paradise Let child play heartily, travelling apparatus modernized, make them difficult to forget difficult from, let you enjoy the family happiness to the limit. middle-aged and old building up body area 200 many components various fitness utensils, satisfy the hobbies of different physical training person. More than 1000 square meters The open-air dance hall ,Furnished with the top-grade professional stereo, support it to dancing lightly to the companion. It is the largest to be unique in Lotus Pool Park Cultural Square ,For you to choose different activity ways oneself. Like you that take pictures, can in high mountains and great rivers, whom cliffside waterfall rush down direct the peach source is welled up Leave a shadow by the puddle, that wonderful view too beautiful to be absorbed all at once, make you so enchanted by the scenery as to forget to return definitely. Satisfy your hobby here, here s your bright enjoyment, your ideal realm of reaching improvement of life.