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Chengde medical college Hebei Chengde of China

Chengde medical college Hebei Chengde of China

Write: Jenay [2011-05-23]

Profile of Chengde medical college

Chengde medical college is the institution of higher education under the province of Hebei, established in 1945, it was a school with glorious revolutionary tradition. For many years, the institute has remained fine tradition and style all the time, it is rigorous, realistic, diligent, innovate to abide by School motto.

Taking charge of the double tasks of personnel training and medical health care. It was qualified to comment on through national universities and colleges of undergraduate course in the first batch in 1996, increased the examination and approval of the gift of master s degree newly smoothly through the committee of degree of the State Council of China in 2003, obtain gift of master s degree.

The institute is located in Chengde urban area, historical cultural city of China, adjoin with broad and grand Outer Eight Temples with scenic Summer Villa. The mountain is blue and green and bright and beautiful here, the traffic is convenient, have abundant cultural and educational intension, it is the ideal place that pursues scholarly work and cultivates one s moral character.

The intersection of campus and the intersection of person who account for and 1500, teach worker 1800 people, doctor, master study, give birth to 200 over people among them, the above young and middle-aged expert and the person who enjoys government s subsidy 10 people who have made outstanding contribution at provincial and ministerial levels, cross-centennial scientific and technological talent of Chengde city 30, have also engaged the famous scholar outside more than 30 China for holding a part-time job or visiting professor.

Have formed a teaching scientific research team with high academic level, with rational structure, with rich strength. The institute gives birth to more than 6200 people at school, consist of clinical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, nursing, psychology, traditional Chinese pharmacology and six departments of biomedical engineering.

There is clinical medicine in the bachelor degree, study, anaesthetize studying, traditional Chinese pharmacology, recovering in therapeutics, traditional Chinese and western medicine clinical medicine, employing ten specialities of psychology in traditional Chinese medicine, nursing, nursing of English, medical image; The training consists of clinical medicine, nursing, the anaesthesia is studied, medical image studying, nursing of English, medical engineering, seven specialities of computer application technology.