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Chinese Sports museum travels Beijing of China

Chinese Sports museum travels Beijing of China

Write: Emina [2011-05-23]

Chinese Sports museum travels  Beijing of China


10 yuan


Go to the east gate of body by bus No. 108, 18, 803, 328 or close getting off small


Chinese Sports museum lies in the Asian Games Village National Olympic Sports Centre southeast China of Beijing, built up and opened in September of 1990. The floor area in the museum is 7100 square meters, exhibition area is 510 square meters, hide over 4700 historical relics of ancient and present sports, over 5000 historical relic pictures of precious sports, propagate and study the multi-functional comprehensive new social education position of the culture of Chinese Sports and find out about an important window of Chinese Sports.

The exhibition is divided into China to be ancient, China is modern, sports achievement of the People s Republic of China, Olympic Movement and 5 parts of national sports altogether. Through the exhibit, can know the evolution with long and traditional Chinese Sports history in an all-round way. Museum hold various exhibit temporarily still, the 11th Asian Games educate philatelic exhibition (exhibit, amount to 1374 screen boards of stamps by 30 207 of countries and regions together for instance, it is a thematic philatelic exhibition of the largest scale of Asia) Carry forward spirit of the Asian Games of Beijing and make an itinerant exhibition, the exhibition, Chinese valiant fighter look forward to the Olympic Games etc.

in Barcelona, open China to strive for 2000 Olympic Games exhibition, the Olympic Movement for a century, the audience visiting museum every year exceeds 200,000 persons. Here, you can know China s long sports development history through unearthed relics, rubbing, painting,etc.; Through modern sports successor s biography, know China goes on the hardships of the international court; The deed of world champion through being countless, you can know the brilliant achievement of the unprecedented great development of Chinese Sports; Through a large number of material object materials, you can know taking the place of and history and Chinese and the Olympic Movement relation of modern Olympic Movement; Through the introduction of sports of 56 nationalities, know the numerous sport activities of our Chinese nation, find out about different condition of the people of custom of various nationalities.

Mr. Samaranch, president of IOC, says after visiting the sports museum: Chinese Sports museum is one of the best sports museums in the world at present, the building model of the museum is unique, take the form of octagonal fan, the spiral form of rising. The exhibition hall is with an area of 2500 square meters, including ancient drawing room , modern drawing room , New Chinese Sports achievement drawing room , Olympic drawing room , Chinese nation traditional sports drawing room Wait for 8 exhibition halls.

The first part of exhibition is China s ancient sports display ,Have recommended the continuity from Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties to development of sports of 4,000 years of Chinese nation of latter stage of Qing Dynasty to bend the alteration history, in order to produce, have historical relic, rubbing, painting,etc.

, show the intersection of China and ancient the intersection of sports and of long standing and well established the intersection of development and orbit vivid, you will see beating sports items such as pills,etc. of polo, Cuju, the Ming Dynasty of Song Dynasty in the Tang Dynasty here, from in find out it is modern shade of sports item in a lot of.

Part two It is China s modern sports display ,Successor and traditional sports absorbing each other, history of compatible development in China who has mainly introduced modern sports among 1840- 1949 years, and China begins to go on the sports circles of the world, participate in the hard course of Olympic Games and international tournament.

Part three It is new Chinese Sports achievement ,With the world champion trophy, medal, if material object and famous player of each project hold country s group, photos when the heroic colony gets excellent achievement of elite, Chinese Women s Volleyball Team, China table tennis team such as Chen Jing and holding, Xu Haifeng, have fully reflected the brilliant achievements of times of unprecedented great development of sports since the dawn of human civilization of China.

Part four Olympic exhibition Have introduced in ancient times and history and Chinese and the Olympic Movement relation of the Olympic Movement at modern times. The last part is Chinese nation s traditional sports ,Have introduced every striking sport activity project of Chinese 56 nationalities.