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Gulf of Sanya Hainan Sanya of China

Gulf of Sanya Hainan Sanya of China

Write: Nicki [2011-05-23]
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Gulf of Sanya  Hainan Sanya of China

Get close to Sanya urban area, extend 22 kilometers. This gulf gulf Changsha is thin, on the bank if green tree is taken, form strand and beautiful and moving scenery of tourist city of Sanya. The urban road leads directly to the seashore, will build up 3 squares and a strand parks that border on the sea.

The long bay, plan to be divided into three segments, connect with one section of urban areas and visit and roam the area in order to travel closely, it is swimming field and maritime movable area of public seashore to be slightly far, it is the recreation and spending holidays area with a batch of holiday villages far.

Position: Get close to Sanya urban area, extend 22 kilometers

The gulf of Sanya is from Sanya harbour in the east, the strand main road 10 kilometers long depends on the gulf continuously, the cocoanut tree grows into forest and walks to west to extend to the gulf of ends of the earth. Silver Sands of 5 kilometers of humanity is beautiful, can see the little witch on the big witch compared with the forest gallery of these 10 kilometers of coconut palms! Take a broad view, east, west hawksbill turtle s continent (commonly called as east island, west island) Two islands float in the sea, look adjacently, the east island garrison is heavily guarded, the freedom that the west island fisherman s family comes in and goes out, that was undertaken in the adjacent island is different missions.

The gulf of Sanya borders on port, urban area area in the east, because the pollution of the sanitary sewage, sea water, sandy beach are in a greatly reduced state compared with what it used to be, renovating the bay at present, it is unsuitable to swim temporarily. The district for holidays of sea slope in the west, the sandy beach texture is soft, the sea water is clean, a good place for swimming.

At sunset, red rosy clouds are all over the sky, nearby, fisherman s sonorous and forceful rhythm sound comes, one, two, three ,More than ten twenty people are doing all one can to draw the trawlnet. Do not want to gather seafood on the beach when the tide is ebbing? Join this and draw in the net in main forces, experience the true life of fisherman s family quickly.

Does not think that it is so simple to just draw in the net, a network has hectometre, it takes 2, 3 hours to draw the network once!, draw in the net in the afternoon, does not just draw the network until about 8 o clock in the evening. It does not allow to draw in the net in large East China Sea, Yalong bay, see the life sidelight drawn in the net only in Sanya gulf by the fisherman s family.

Gains of drawing in the net implemented average allocation, the fisherman s wife and daughter got nearby usher low fishing city of the main road to sell separately, then can have the lifelike seafood roasting and seafood s hot pot.