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The mountain temple of efficacious rock travels Suzhou of China

The mountain temple of efficacious rock travels Suzhou of China

Write: Garnet [2011-05-23]

The mountain temple of efficacious rock travels  Suzhou of China


The mountain temple of efficacious rock is one of the a rites place of famous Buddhism pure land in China. Meanwhile, will win historic site and scenery excursion center famous tomorrow outside China too. Located in the bank of Tai Hu, adjoin the wood and show disrespect on the town, 15 kilometers from the southwest side of Suzhou, the high elevation of mountain is 220 metres.
Occupy a commanding position, the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains, afford a magnificent spectacle. Because with before many for its four stone,strong when lasting glossy ganodermaing,so mountain name rocks clever; The south lists the cliff such as city, have another name called Shi ChengShan; Because the mountain lie turns right as being like reviewing the form, so have another name called Xiangshan. Have, ascend the intersection of fairy and the intersection of rock and mountain person in the past dynasties celebrity, the Southern Dynasties the intersection of roof beam and simple King Wen, the Tang Dynasty the intersection of famous poet and Wei Yingwu, Bai Juyi, Yu, steady, etc Shang Li Liu, Fan Zhongyan Song, Song ShiYuan take etc., solicits bright, Tang Yin, opening etc. high in document of Ming Dynasty, clear Kang Xi, the intersection of Qianlong and two emperor, historical the intersection of house and Bi open up etc. by Han, Deng by Yuan and modern Tian, they all have poetic proses to spread in generation.
Efficacious the intersection of rock and mountain, Chunqiu the intersection of era and the intersection of and bad old site of the palace, baby of hall, Wang Wu originally, is the place where Yue State offers Xishi too. Cash remain have trace Wang and historic site as follows, WangJing, dressing table Wu, play with, spend pool, play with monthly pool, loud the intersection of X and corridor, the intersection of musical instrument and TV station, the intersection of Xishi and hole, accumulate well, long-lived pavilion, square pavilion,etc. intelligently. Build temporary dwelling place on the mountaintop while patrolling in the south of two emperors of the clear holy grandfather Kang Xi and noble-minded and unwilling to swim with the tide Qianlongs, burnt in the war in the tenth year of Xianfeng in Qing dynasty in Qing Dynasty. The minister of public works in ancient china played and occupied this mountain in the land in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, because smelt Buddha dharma, gave up the residence as the temple and from then on, became the beginning of the rock rites place of fairy. In the period of roof beam military the intersection of emperor and it supervise the Southern Dynasties, monk, Buddhist of the Western Regions, accumulate, come temple cut into a mountain intelligently, grant horizontal inscribed board accumulate Bodhisattva to be apparent to take in the rites place intelligently. Song Chu changes into a beautiful peak deep meditation institute. Grant the horizontal inscribed board apparently and kiss the high newspaper temple in the period of continuing and revitalizing. Bright big the early years, grant the horizontal inscribed board and dedicate to the service of country in the Buddhist temple of the blessing forever. Repaired again in the tenth year of Yongle in Ming Dynasty, is destroyed in the period of enlarging and managing tomorrow. In the six year of Shunzhi s rign in Qing Dynasty, the temple monk built again. The cloth policy made Mu TianYan rebuild the audience hall in the 14th year of Kangxi in Qing Dynasty, destroyed in the war in the tenth year of Xianfeng in Qing dynasty.
Clear to declare two year such as interconnected system, reach Buddhist monk, take over abbot really, switch over to ten directions, specialize in the rites place of pure land to the 15th year of the Republic of China, high newspaper temple of the name. The late arrival prints all Master, still resume the old name of mountain temple of rock of fairy. After the mountain temple of efficacious rock is opened, the eminent monk comes forth in large number. The Jin Dynasty, the intersection of Tang and abbot of room already can t do in the test, after Song, garden of Song take, kind receiving, Buddha sea, the intersection of stone and lake of yuan, a clear one enlarge, store, famous eminent monk. By the 15th year of the Republic of China, net a 13 grandfathers printed all Master tall and erect tin clever rock, continued the forest of Shandong of the hut far, strength explain pure land one. After liberation, carry out party and the policy of freedom of religion of people s government conscientiously, protect the mountain temple of efficacious rock with special care. Net family property and production of agriculture and forestry of Buddhist monks, run side by side untiringly. The name of the pure land rites place of efficacious rock, smell in China and foreign countries. The efficacious rock mountain temple scenic spots and historical sites are numerous. Poet Wang Ao has autographed the stone on the mountaintop in the Ming Dynasty \\\ Wuzhong famous historical site \\\ . The temple, spectacular, there are many treasure pagodas and king s hall, large male hall, bell tower in Song Dynasty, praying to Buddha in the hall, Tibetan Scripture building, sitting room, small house room,etc.; The path twists are interesting, the way is continued the hut pavilion, met and smiles at the pavilion, falls in red pavilion and stone one; Have strange stone, the intersection of glossy ganoderma and stone, make the intersection of monk and stone, the intersection of stone and the intersection of drum and stone, the intersection of steamed bun and stone, the intersection of kasaya and stone, mouse stone drunk, go up a hill the intersection of horse and stone, the intersection of stone and tortoise,etc. at the mountain; There are musical instrument platforms on the mountaintop, there are holes of Goddess of Mercy in Mid-levels, are commonly called as the Xishi hole.