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  • Ganlanba Ganlanba is located in the lower reaches of Lancang River, 40kms from ...
  • Octagonal Pavilion As one of the important relics of Xishuangbanna, the Jung ...
  • Manting Park(Chunyuan Park) Manting Park is called Chunhuang as well in local ...
  • Tropical Plant Research Institute The Botanic Garden of Tropical Plants (redai ...
  • Wild Elephant Valley To the Dai people, the elephant is the symbol of good luck, ...

Xishuangbanna, as a National Scenic Resort, is rich in nature, historical and cultural resources, noted for the multifarious folklore, rain forests, rare plants and wildlife, etc. Its major tourist attractions include Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden, Manfeilong Pagodas (Tanuozhuanglong), Jingzhen Pavilion, Wild Elephant Gully, Dai people's village at Ganlanba, etc.

The well-known traditional festival is the ethnic Dai's Water-Splashing Festival. It lasts for three days from April 13 to 15. Besides water- splashing event it also consists of some other events such as Dragon boat races, firing of indigenous missiles, flying Kongming Lamps, etc.

Xishuangbanna contains the one setting of China's tropical rainforest in China and within the area is preserved pristine Dai culture. While biology buffs may salivate over the various of flora and fauna in the region, those who have no horticultural inclination will still be intrigued by the region's unique culture.

The Dai people celebrate three main festivals, which are the Opening Door Festival, Closing Door Festival and the Water-splashing Festival. The first two festivals are dedicated to Buddha. Grand celebrations and worshipping activities are held at the various stupas in the region. The Water-splashing Festival is the most important occasion in the area, which seems to inject a bit of life into the otherwise uneventful region.

The whole community and tourists alike will be out in the streets joyfully joining in a battle of water splashing onto each other during that day. The city turns out to be a sea of billow and spray.

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Ancient Tea-Horse Road Lijiang is not famous for tea, but it is one of the most important transportation centers on the ancient Tea-Horse Road. Lijiang is always an important hinge that links Yunnan with Sichuan and Tibet. It is also a core place in Tea-horse ...Read More
China Folk Culture Villages Chinese folk-culture village is located on the bank of Shenzhen Bay and offers authentic cultural experience without having to leave the confines of a large city. This replica village showcases the traditional customs, art and ...Read More
Wild Elephant Valley is to the North of Jinghong City, about 50 kilometers far. It actually is a nature reserve for tropical rainforest and wild lives. Here in jungle live about 70 wild Asian elephants. Wild elephants usually come out at night, so people built ...Read More

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by Hanan 2011-05-23
At the time of establishment, the Tropical Botanical Garden put sufficient emphasis on the study of the ethical botany. In the 1980s,China carried out systematic and overall studies on ethical plants and made important achievements. In order to display these results sufficiently, the Tropical Botanical Garden constructed the Park of Folks & Plants in 1992. ...
by Monro 2011-05-23
Beautiful and fascinating Xishuangbanna is famous all over the world, and is a very popular Yunnan tourist destination. Jinghong city is the capital of Xishuangbanna Dai Nationality Autonomous Prefecture. The city retains the characteristics of the tropical rainforest landscape by which it is surrounded; it also has a strong flavor of the customs of the ...
by Penrith 2011-05-23
Daluo River Daluo River is located in the development area of the provincial port-Da Luo Town, 4 km from the town government, about 1km from the 219-218 boundary marker between China and Myanmar and 3kms from the Fourth special region of Myanmar, Mong La. Da Luo is a Dai language with the meaning of a port for all people. As a small town in the southern ...