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Brief Introduction of the City

Heyuan, one of the cities in Guangdong province, covers a large area of 15,800 square kilometers. It consists of the Yuan District and 5 counties: Dongyuan County, Zijin County, Longchuan County, Heping County and Lianping County.

There are a lot of scenic spots in Heyuan. In urban area, there are the highest fountain of Asia, Xinfengjiang National Forest Park, Dagui Mountain scenic area, and the biggest artificial lake, Wanlu Lake in south China; and there are also the newly developed Sujiawei and Jinghuayuan scenic spots; besides, Heyuan has a long history and people found some dinosaur egg, the dinosaur bone and Ammonoid fossils, etc.

In Longchuan, there are the famous historical cultural city--Tuo city in Guangdong, Huo Mountain, and Shuikeng scenic area as well; Zijin is famous for the former residence of SunZhongshan -Sunwupai; there is also beautiful landscape in Neiguan of Lianping and Zhangxi Huanglong Rock in Dongyuan.

At the end of 2003, the city had a public security census register population of 3,341,300 which includes 470,000 overseas compatriots who are inhabited in the northeast Asia ,America, Canada, and Australia, etc and 280,000Hongkong, Macao,   Taiwan compatriots and also 13,000 returned overseas Chinese.

City Code: 0762

Post Code: 517001

Inquiry Telephone: 3314346 3387777


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A new phase of Agile Garden Heyuan, named Rose Finch House ( ) , was launched on the Lantern Festival On 27 February, Rose Finch House of Agile Garden Heyuan was grandly launched on the Lantern Festival. The houses are of the large type with an area of 209-230 sq. m. This residential property features the flexibility of changing 3 bedrooms into 5 bedrooms, ...
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Affection with the ancient town, brotherhood of Hakkas. Last night, the 23rd world Hakka gathering association was opened in Heyuan Culture Square, nearly 6,000 Hakka representatives and guests from more than 20 countries and regions gathered together to renew kinship and friendship. Deputy party secretary of municipal party committee and Mayor Li Ruqiu, ...
by Cadmus 2011-05-23
Heyuan Garden, originally named Jixiao Mountain Village, is located at the central part of Xunningmen Street on the north bank of the ancient Canal. It was built by He Zhidao,a high-ranking official and dates back to the 9th year of Qing Dynasty Emperor Guangxu's reign(1883). The garden is dicided into three parts: the northern part is the rear garden; the ...