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Yichang, known in ancient times as Yiling, is a lively, sprawling, modern-day city on the banks of the Yangtze River in Hubei Province. (See Yichang map)

Yichang lies at the eastern end of Xiling Gorge, one of the three gorges of the Three Gorges Dam area, and is the gateway to the Three Gorge Dam site, the Three Gorges(the Three Gorges being the Xiling Gorge, Wu Gorge and Qutang Gorge), and the many historical sites along the Yangtze River.

Yichang was thrust into the limelight with the commencement of the construction of the Three Gorge Dam. The dam itself as well as the service and administration facilities are about a 45-minute drive from Yichang. However, most travelers know Yichang because of the popular Yangtze Cruise which starts (upstream) or finishes (downstream) in Yichang.

Although Yichang is often overlooked by travelers who travel straight through to board the Yangtze boat, nestled among the trees that line both sides of the river along this particular stretch of the Yangtze, Yichang has a freshness and tidiness, and is able to offer some picturesque natural sights in the region. If your schedule permits, you might want to consider taking a half-day excursion around Yichang to see, and appreciate, this important energy city prior to your Yangtze River Cruise – Yichang is not called "The Hydropower Capital of the World" for nothing.

Yichang belongs to the humid, monsoon climate of the subtropics. The best seasons to visit Yichang and take a Yangtze River cruise are spring and autumn. However, despite the factor of weather, winter is the best time in terms of price. The prices are the lowest for the winter cruises.

It is no myth that the Yangtze River Basin is the cradle of Chinese civilization, as the many cultural-historical sites along the banks of the Yangtze River attest. At China Highlights, we feel that a cruise up/down the Yangtze, is something that any tourist to the region would not want to miss, as it offers unique encounters with China's rich cultural heritage as well as some spectacular vistas that will remain forever etched in one's memory. Check out  2010 Cruise Calendar to explore the Yangtze River, and to explore China's brilliant ancient culture.

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by Korra 2011-05-23
On the north bank of the Changjiang River in the south of Yichang. According to legend for take the place of uncut jade Guo, establish the Jin Dynasty, the 57th year of Qianlong in Qing Dynasty (1792) Rebuilding. One pile of steps of bricks and stones, seven storeys of eight arrises, about 42 meters high, go out of the eaves ring upon ring, under it all have ...
by Everild 2011-05-23
Lie in the eastern section of the Xiling Gorge, about 25 kilometers from Yichang. Many grotesque peak spectacular rocky peaks in the gorge: There is Tianzhushan, there are yellow Sang holes, tea holy Luyu calls that the fourth spring all over the world Frog Bo,bridge is blue and green without being had after celestial beinging peak the three knife . Called ...
by Csepel 2011-05-23
Lie in virgin the intersection of township and the intersection of house and slope Ding, county of Yichang, it is the intersection of Yangtse River Gorges and scenery that continue the intersection of legendary god of farming and the intersection of small stream and drift about, small the intersection of Sanxia and famous scenic spot that another exploration ...