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If Sun Yat-Sen was important in the founding of modern China, Confucius (Kong Fuzi) who taught philosophy in China 2,500 years ago is considered the most important figure in the shaping of ancient Chinese civilization as well as the cultures of the countries of Japan, Vietnam, and Korea. He was born in 551 BC in the Lu Kingdom south of modern Shandong Province.

Knowledge of the Confucian texts that were written after he died and of Chinese characters became the key for success in imperial examinations in China for a thousand year period before the modern era. To pass the test, people had to memorize entire texts.

The Confucius Temple is south of the city’s central district. There was a temple that was built in the year 1034 during the Song Dynasty period on the banks of the Qinhuai River. During the past millennium, it was renovated, reconstructed, and enlarged so that it became a large complex. It was used by Confucian scholars. Next to it was the Jiangnan Gongyuan that was the largest examination area for people taking the imperial examinations and the Xue Gong that was the Qing Imperial Academy for training mandarins to govern the vast empire. The Japanese destroyed the whole complex in 1937.

But in 1984, the government built new buildings in the Ming and Qing styles. Around it, tourist shops, snack bars, restaurants and hotels were built, and in the complex are shopping boutiques that feature local craft objects like wood carvings and Yuhua Pebbles, commodities such an salted duck and tea, and manufactured souvenirs like folding fans and silk fabrics. Inside the building is a large statue of Confucius and panels with jade, gold and silver that illustrate the life of Confucius.

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Overview Confucius Temple was built in 1219, always known as the number one temple in this area of the country. The temple has exhibition halls displaying articles related to the traditional Chinese examination system and three high stone tablets, representing ...Read More
Confucius mansion, also named Shengfu, was the residence for Confucian descendants. It is the largest and grandest feudal noble mansion preserved to this day in China was erected during the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is also known as Master Yansheng's Mansion ...Read More
Confucian Temple, the former residence of Confucius, is the place for ancient emperors to offer sacrificial services to Confucius. Located in the center of Qufu City, the temple was originally built as early as in 478BC, one year after Confucius death. In the ...Read More

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Opening hours: all day Ticket Price: 3 yuan Contact: located in the northeast of Hong Anshun City School Pa Best time: All year Complaint Phone: 0853-3281747 Transportation: Anshun city-bus fare is 0.8 yuan / person, basically a large bus. Confucius Temple, located in the east of AnshunCity, with an area of more than 7,000 sq meters, was built in the early ...
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Confucius is famous thinker, educationist in ancient times of China, and the founders of the Confucianists. Confucian Temple is also called Confucian temple, it is the place for enshrining and worshipping and offering sacrifices to Confucius. In the 2,000 more than year after Confucius died, past dynasties imperial court, after especially turn on the ...