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The city of Fuzhou lies at the lower reaches of Min river in the east of Fujian Province. As a city of over 2000 years of history, Fuzhou has been a commercial center since the ancient times, and now it has become one of the coastal cities that open to the foreign countries.

Fuzhou is a unique ancient city. The Min river runs across the whole city, and two hills--Yu hill and Wu hill, stand at the city center. In the city, there are over 50 places of historical interest, and many hot springs which are suitable for recuperation. Fuzhou is also one of the birthplaces of many overseas Chinese (about 2.

5 million Chinese now live in over 50 countries in the world. ) The city has rich religious culture with 6 key Buddhist temples , you can travel there through two touring lines, one is called Gushan Mountain line, centering around Yongquan Temple, the other is called Mingyuan line, centering around the West lake.

The total area of the city: 11,968 square kilometers
The total area of the urban area: 1043 square kilometers.
The total population: 5.75 million
Telephone Area Code: 0591
Postal Zip Code: 350000

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Famous golf course designer Robert Trent Jones ,Jr designed the course .Making great use of the existing mountain ,water ,and ,thick forest and with the best course construction ,the designer created a master piece with series advantages of natural scenery and ...Read More
The Tomb of Lin Zexu lies in a northern suburb of Fuzhou. In 1839 the supreme commander Lin Zexu (1785-1850) confiscated and burned 20,000 cases of opium which the British had smuggled into China from India, and this led to the outbreak of the Opium Wars. Lin ...Read More
On the southern slopes of Mount Pingshan in the north of Fuzhou stands the Hualin Si Temple, from the Tang period (618-907). The main building, the Sumptuous Hall of the Great Hero (Daixong Baodian) built in the Tong era (960-1279), is all that remains of the ...Read More

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Drum Mountain, an important scenic area in Fuzhou, has enjoyed a long history and reputation. As early as the Jin Dynasty, it was appraised as one of "The Two Matchless Scenic Beauties in Fujian Province." Lying 8 km southeast of the city on the northern side of the Min River, the beautiful mountain with four peaks nemed Lion, White Cloud, Alms Bowl (of a ...
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Open hour 8:00-17:30 Ticket 10 yuan Traffic Quanzhou No. 186 West Road No. 2, No. 6, No. 24, No. 26, Line 601 of bus of special line of travel. Introduce Open yuans of temple, located in passing the institute lane the drum block. Roof beam too clearer by three year the Southern Dynasties 549 years) The name while firstly appearing and first building The ...