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Ningbo is located at the shore of the East Sea and on the south wing of the Yangtze River Delta where the economy is booming.

Neighboring Shanghai, Ningbo is a city which is open to foreign countries, specifically designated in the state plan and enjoys provincial first-class economic management authority. 

It is a well-known cultural and historical city all over the country, national gardening city, and national excellent tourist city. It has a total area of 9365 square kilometers with a total population of 5,527,000 people, of which 2, 105,000 is that of the urban areas.

Ningbo is an important economic center city and base for heavy and chemical industries on the south wing of the Yangtze River Delta, a significant industrial city in East China and an economic center in Zhejiang Province. 

Region Code: 0574
Post Code: 315000
Area: 9365 square kilometers
Population: 5,527,000 

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According to historical records, in the urban area of Ningbo, the Moon Lake was initially built in 636, the 10th year of the Tang Zhenguan period. During the Southern Song Dynasty, a lot of towers, terraces and pavilions were built in the region that form the ...Read More
The Xikou Xuedou Mountains Scenic Area was referred to as "Penglai (a famous tourist attraction in Shandong Province) at Sea" even in Han Dynasty. Xikou and Mount Xuedou Scenic Area, situated in the eastern fringe of Siming Mountain, is 37km north from Ningbo ...Read More
Wenchang Pavilion Located in the Wuling Tou of the Xikou Scenic Site. It was built in Year 1731. It was originally a small pavilion with the image of Wenchang God ablated inside, where Wenchang Union, Wenwu Union and Jinxi Study offered sacrifices to God or ...Read More

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by Steffi 2011-05-23
Xikou is a 4-star national-grade scenic spot, well-known home and abroad for its integrity of Buddhist culture, humane culture, and scenic beauty. It is the place where Maitreya Buddha practiced his Buddhist rites and also the home town of Mr. Chiang Kai-Shek and his son Chiang Ching-Kuo, two important historical figures in the modem history of China. Xikou ...
by Eldred 2011-05-23
Located on the west of the Moon Lake or at 22, Tianyi Street, downtown Ningbo, Tianyi Pavilion was built between 1561 to 1566 (40th--45th year of Jiajing reign in Ming Dynasty), has a history of over 400 years and used to be a library of Fan Qin, a senior military officer of Ming Dynasty. As the extant oldest private book-collecting tower in China and Asia, ...
by Bly 2011-05-23
Tashan Weir, located by Mount Tashan southwest of Yinjiang Town, Yin County, was built by Wang Yuanwei, Administrator of Yin County, in the year 833. It was built in the upstream of the Brook Zhangxi (formerly named Daxi), is one of the four major water conservancy projects in ancient China (the other three being Zhengguo Aqueduct, Ling Aqueduct and Dujiang ...