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Shanghai in the center of China's eastern coastline is one of China's cultural centers and has a long history as a trading port and gateway for foreigners entering China. It is the gateway to the Yangtze River delta. It is a municipality under the direct jurisdiction of the Central Government and the largest economic and trade center in China.

China's biggest and most prosperous city oozes an atmosphere of vitality and a dynamic which can rival New York in the United States and Paris of France in terms of modernity.

Shanghai's gorgeous night scene is one of the main highlights that will linger in visitors' mind owing to its ornate feature after their Shanghai travel experience. As night descends the entire city is lit up by dizzily colorful lights joined occasionally by the bright moon hanging in the sky.

Shanghai stands in the front line of China's economical development and has undergone unimaginable changes in the last two decades. The portrait of new Shanghai around the new Pudong area with its prosperous cosmopolitan features usually wows visitors as they are personally exposed to the lightning pace when they are traveling Shanghai.

Top Reasons to Visit Shanghai

  • Shanghai is China's largest and richest city : It offers a general idea the direction in which China is heading in the 21st century.
  • A Blend of Eastern and Western Cultures: Shanghai's colonial legacy combined with things Chinese has created a unique culture, which is a fusion of the East and the West..
  • Onward Trips: From Shanghai it is easy to travel to Xian to see the Terracotta Army or up to Beijing to see the Forbidden City, Great Wall of China or to Guilin to see the beautiful karst landscape.
  • More Reasons to Visit Shanghai
Shanghai retains China's last vestige of its unusual colonial past. The foreign architecture standing along the Bund area is living museum of the colonial history of the 1800s. Many visitors find them immersed in thoughts of a bygone time as they strolling Shanghai's waterfront Bund area during their Shanghai travel.

Shanghai is a renowned green city. Lush green covers all the open space of the city. The refreshing green visa is another highlight that renders travelers an unforgettable Shanghai travel experience.  

Shanghai's travel industry has leapfrogged rival destinations to emerge as one of the most popular travel destination worldwide. The Shanghai government and its people are doing tirelessly to improve the travel infrastructure and facilities to ensure tourists exceptional and memorial Shanghai travel experiences. Their hard efforts have been rewarded recently and a large number of travelers choose to return after their first Shanghai travel.

Weather in Shanghai features hot summer and cold winter and generally speaking, the best time to travel Shanghai is autumn and spring when the weather is pleasant but winter and summer are also good season to travel Shanghai in terms of cost.

Things to Do with Kids in Shanghai

  • Shanghai has a lot for the kids to explore, from the top of Shanghai World Financial Center overlooking the skyline, to numerous theme parks with entertaining facilities.
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by Jehosophat 2011-05-23
Situated in the center of Shanghai city just south of Huaihai Middle Road, the Xintiandi area was built from February 1999 to June 2001. It starts from Huangpi South Road in the east and stretches to Madang Road in the west, occupying an area of 30,000 square meters with a construction area of 60,000 square meters. Shanghai Xintiandi is an urban tourist ...
by Hahn 2011-05-23
Shanghai s Confucian Temple is the only piece of architectural homage to China s great philosopher, Confucius, in downtown Shanghai. . The original temple was erected in 1294, but was built at its current site in 1855, occupying an area of 1.13 hectares. The temple was restored in 1999 to celebrate the 2,250th birthday of Confucius. The Confucian Temple, ...
by Charles 2011-05-23
During the Second World War, the foreign public settlement, located on the north bank of Suzhou River in Shanghai, became the protective umbrella of tens of thousands of Jewish people. As a result, today s Hongkou District of Shanghai enjoys the reputation of the Noah s Ark of the Orient", both in China and abroad. In 1927, the influx of large numbers of ...