Shuifeng Scenic Area

Shuifeng Scenic Area has long been known as the largest reservoir in northeast China as well as the largest freshwater lake in Liaoning. Seen from afar it presents a fantastic world: lush mountains stand by both banks, old trees reach the sky, and steep cliffs and sandstones are piled up under the waterline. The Scenic Area focuses on the border scenery, the culture of the boundary river, the common ecology, the legendary river dam, the age-old customs as well as the simple and honest local people. The main attractions are fish culture in the net cage, Panlong Yu Grand Canyon, Temple Valley, Underwater Ancient City, Dong River Sentry Post, the 12th Heavenly Gate, lights on fishing boats over the Lu River, Small Qing Ditch, Wujie Building, Wind Cave and ceramic relics from the Liao Dynasty. Moreover, you can also visit over 30 attractions in North Korea. They include the Sanatorium of Kim Il Sung (former North Korean leader), Sangujie Mountain, Songhe (“Crane”) Island, Dongzhu Li, Lizi (“Chestnut”) Valley, Jinxia Cave and more.