Taiping Bay Scenic Area

Taiping Bay Scenic Area is the key scenic area in the Yalu River Scenic Resort and Historic Site. It is a 4A grade scenic area and the demonstration base of industrial tourism in China. It is 50 kilometers away from the city center of Dandong and faces the Shuozhou Shire of North Korea across the river.

With quiet and tasteful surroundings, the Taiping Bay Scenic Area has fresh air and a pleasant climate. It also has the largest artificial lake in northeast China, namely Shuifeng Lake. Without a visa, you can cross the dam of Taiping Bay Power Station to North Korea. You can then look around the majestic water-control and hydropower project, and learn how the water produces electric power.

Moreover, there are the relics of the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid North Korea. You can also take a boat and go fishing, have a taste of the delicious fish of the Yalu River as well as enjoy yourself in the picturesque landscape.

How to get there:

You can take bus NO.6 and 21 in the downtown of Dandong City.

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