Water Dripping Cave

Water Dripping Cave

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With the length of 2.8 kilometers, Water Dripping Cave is located in the northeast of Shaoshan,five kilometers from the Former Residence of Mao. Every name has a story, and Water Dripping Cave is not an exception. A stream flows continuously through the cave all the year round, and the constant water dripping finally wears a hole in the stone.

Therefore, the cave gets its name "Water Dripping Cave". On both banks of the stream, the trees are lush; the pinewoods are standing straight with bamboos; hundreds of wild flowers are in blossom on the hill and dale freely. There are precious trees of over 30 types, such as gingko, privet and hornbeam.

Where there are trees, there should be flowers as well. You can see flowers of hundreds types including azalea, plum flower, lotus, China rose, chrysanthemum and so on. Moreover, there are some medicinal herbs of over 20 types involving honeysuckle, liquorice, aloe and ginkgo. The Water Dripping Cave features picturesque and quiet scenery.

While you are traveling there, you will find that you have been a part of a marvelous painting. You are no longer on the earth; instead, you are standing in a fairyland.

The scenery around the Water Dripping Cave is really splendid. Flowers take turns to be in bloom in four seasons. It is warm in winter and cool in summer because of its special location. On June in 1966, Mao Zedong went back to his hometown and lived in a building near the cave for ten days, reluctant to leave. As a result, the cave sprung into fame.

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by Chesna 2011-05-23
Introduce Call the intersection of water and the intersection of hole and door of rock, inlay at precipitous cliff together, hole one about stone level ground of 70 in the door. There is a precipice in the level ground, there is a duck eye 0.67 meters square on the wall, this is the entrance to a cave to call water rock. Too deep and serene to examine in the ...
by Ezio 2011-05-23
Call water rock and lie in new Ning County, in the hole door is a stone level ground of about 70 square meters. There is a precipice in the level ground, there is a duck eye 0.67 meters square on the wall, this is the entrance to a cave to call water rock, Gu Shi calls the celestial hole of fine haze. Too deep and serene to examine in the hole, disappear and ...
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