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Travel in the hole tourist zone of plain boiled water of Xinshao Shaoyang of China

Travel in the hole tourist zone of plain boiled water of Xinshao Shaoyang of China

Write: Jerry [2011-05-23]

Travel in the hole tourist zone of plain boiled water of Xinshao  Shaoyang of China


The hole scenic spot of plain boiled water lies within the boundaries of Xinshao county in Hunan, the key scenic spot is in the plain boiled water village in the town of tight pool. As far back as the Ming Dynasty, the plain boiled water hole was the tourist attraction in Hunan, the men of literature and writing came confusingly pile came, praise more. Clear the intersection of people and Yang Hao write the the intersection of plain boiled water and the intersection of hole and travel notes , write the plain boiled water hole discipline is won and collected by Li HouPei very much.
The hole scenic spot of plain boiled water was accredited as the provincial scenic spot by the people s government in the province in 1999, April of 2002 was evaluated as the tourist zone of AA grade formally by National Tourism Administration. It is blue and green and bright and beautiful with its mountain in the hole scenic spot of plain boiled water, the hole unreal stone is strange, cultural and educational You is abundant and world-famous for. There are many beauty spots 480 now at the scenic spot, the first class beauty spot 30, the key historical relic under prodection 8 of province and city. There is \ in the natural landscape The high gorge Pinghu \ , \ Spring cliffside waterfall \ flows , \ The underground Kars Limestone Caves \ , \ \ of a gleam of day , \ The hole Tianmen \ , white dragon hole Wait, white dragon hole With strange hole being rather world-famous with stone, the intersection of CCTV and special topic interview hole this and call reputation world wonderful view will it be December 2002, there are temple, ancestral hall, memorial archway, ancient tomb, celebrity s former residence,etc. in the human cultural sight, among them keep comparatively intact the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom ancient site of battle field, have added the strong color of history and culture to hole scenic spotted of plain boiled water in such celebrity s former residences as Anti-Japanese War site and Li ChenDian, Liu CeCheng, Liao YaoXiang, Li Wen, Li Gong hoped. The plain boiled water hole is within the territory of county town TAKAHASI township of place of 12 kilometers in the north. The plain boiled water hole is not a cave, but a general name of the famous scenic spot of a gorge. The gorge depth is 10 kilometers, according to the records of register of Xinshao county: There are casting iron pavilions in the hole, Buddhist nunnery of one block of stones, sucking the rock of tide, cold green temple, dripping in rock, silver great wave gorge, waterfall spring, stone of the mirror, falling in wild goose s pool,etc., known as plain boiled water ten scenes. And there are Buddhist nunneries of peach blossom in the south, go through it as the scenic spot. The time of best travel: Shao Yang belongs to the monsoon moist climate area of middle subtropical zone, the illumination is sufficient, with heavy rainfall, make a clear distinction between the four seasons, it is temperate in climate, lack scorchingly in summer, lack the severe cold in winter.
In hole Tianmen scenic spot, there is a small wayside pavilion in front of the shop, sat inside and tasted the local cooked food, look up and fly the rainbow waterfall. The warrior fills a wine cup for sb. and drinks under the precipice, pleasant. Especially get accommodation in the hotel, winter is like the greenhouse, the cool air is pressing in summer . The recreation hole silver great wave pavilion provides service: Meal, diet, accommodation,etc.. The scenic spot encircles around the shop, the rainbow waterfall flies on the left, there are silver great wave gorges in right, fairy maidens have dressed and made up ago, and then there are books from heaven of word. The hotel of the hills and lakes centre of the silk gauze provides service: Meal, diet, accommodation,etc.. The high gorge produces Pinghu, there is constellation of meal in Pinghu. It lie in hills and lakes Luo that have an elevation of over thousands of meters draw near, want, lift wine, belong to guest, go boating, visit above hills and lakes Luo denying. Just here!
The hole hotels of water curtain provide service: Meal, diet, accommodation,etc.. Introduce briefly: It lies by the hole waterfall of the water curtain, plain boiled water dragon s pool. The building is all made of famous China fir of plain boiled water village. There are unique architectural styles.