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he Presidential Palace for the National Government has been 600 years since the Marquis of Guide’s Palace and the King of Han’s Palace were constructed in the early Ming Dynasty.

The gate of the Presidential Palace is western style with meters-long guard stations in two sides. While the second gate is typical Chinese style. Through the gate there is a long corridor, along which are hall, foreign guests reception room, lobby of president and some offices. At the end of the Palace is a 5-store building called “Zichao Building” which got the name by another name of Hushen, the chairman of National Government at that time. There are altogether 1189 rooms, halls, towers, pavilions and attics in the palace, but they can be a whole because the corridors connect these buildings. So you can pass through every building without umbrella in the rainy day.

In 1912, Sun Yat-sen was inaugurated as the temporary President here, so now you still can see his statue in one room in the middle of the palace, with the government memorabilia on two sides.

Apart from the various office buildings, Xi garden is also attractive where exist a pool shaped like a vase, called Taiping Lake. On the east and the north are Wangfei Building and Xijia Building. Wangfei Building was built in Kangxi period , Qing Dynasty, originally two stories. It got the name by the legend that the birds rested here after a long flying, then forget to depart because of the beautiful view. Besides, You can also enjoy the marble boat, the waterside pavilion, the Banting Pavilion, the Yilan Pavilion, the Mandarin Pavilion, and so on. It is currently serving as the Nanjing museum of Chinese contemporary history.

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Introduce Lie in the road No. 292 of the Changjiang River in the east of the city of Nanjing, it is the official residence of the palace in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the site of the palace of day of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Ming Dynasty called this ...Read More
Open hour April 15- October 15 7: 30- 18: The 16th of 30 10 months- April 14 8: 00- 17: 30 Ticket 40 yuan for each person. Stop selling the ticket in 1.5 hours before closing the hall. Old man s half-price ticket over 60, students are according to the half...Read More
Taibei presidential palace of the Republic of China Lie in Chiang Kai-shek of Taibei city the intersection of district and the intersection of Chongqing and the intersection of South Road and one segment 122 No., in the face of Kaitegalan Boulevard (claim lie ...Read More

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