Mausoleum Of Kumul Uygur Kings


Mausoleum of Kumul Uygur Kings is located in Shazaojing Village, Huicheng County which is in the west of Kumul City.


Mausoleum of Kumul Uygur Kings is the largest mausoleum in Kumul.

Brief Introduction:

The whole mausoleum complex covers an area of 1.3 hectares, with enclosure around. The mausoleum consists of three parts. The first part is the tomb, in which the seventh King of Kumul and his wives, the eighth King of Kumul and his 39 relatives including his wives are buried. This grand tomb is a famous Islam building in Xinjiang.

Its upper part is round in shape while its lower part is square. It is 17.8 meters in height and 1500 square meters (0.15 hectare) in floor area. The tomb looks magnificent and solemn, simple but elegant. The second part is five pavilion-style wooden tombs where all other kings are buries. They are arranged from east to west. However, now there are only two of them are well preserved. The third part is the Aitika Grand Mosque. The masque measures 60 meters in length and 35 meters in width, covering an area of 2280 square meters (0.228 hectare). It can hold 5000 people in total. The ceiling of Aitika Grand Mosque is supported by 108 wooden pillars with carved patterns. The four walls are decorated with patterns of flowers and Alcoran in Arabic.