Chengshantou is situated on the easternmost point of the Shandong Peninsula.

Ancient legend has it that this place is where the Sun God resides. According to history chronologies, Jiangziya , a consultant to the emperor of the Zhou dynasty, came here to make sacrifices to the sun after his conquest of the state and built a temple. In 219 BC and 210 BC, China's first emperor, Qinshihuang, also came here to make sacrifices to the sun and asked for immortality pills or elixir.

Many historical relics honoring this event , such as the bridge built by the emperor and an inscription from Lisi, , a high official of the Qin Dynasty , which reads: the east gate of the Qin, still remains here to tell visitors of an old story that happened thousands of years ago.

Another emperor that had conquered the world was also conquered by the beauty of the sunrise at this place. In 94 BC, Han wu, the emperor of the Han Dynasty, with his glorious entourage, inspected the nation and passed by this place. Standing in awe of the beauty of the sunrise here, he composed a very famous poem called"to the red wild geese" and ordered  temples and platforms to be built to honor the sun.

Another legend has it that one court official called Xufu, in order to curry favor from Qinshihuang , told him that three fairies resided in the east sea and that there were some herbs that could promise immortality. The emperor bought his story and dispatched three thousand virgin girls and boys with vast amount of gold and silver to search for the herbs.

Failing to find the herbs, Xufu treated the emperor by a story that there were some ferocious beasts lived in the water which had stopped them from picking up the herbs. The emperor then gathered all the good marksmen to come here to shoot down the beasts., hence the Beasts-shooting platform.

Features:Cheng Shan Tou is the first place to watch the glamorous sunrise on the sea in China, hence its nickname : China's Cape of Good Hope.

Tips :The proximity of this place to the sea may render it cold. Visitors can rent a coat on the site for 30 rmb.