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The mountain travels in the courtyart An qing of China

The mountain travels in the courtyart An qing of China

Write: Fenella [2011-05-23]

The mountain travels in the courtyart  An   qing of China


The mountain lies within the territory of southwest Dabie Mountain hinterland Anhui Province Yuexi county of Anhui in the courtyart, from 42 kilometers of county towns, adjoin the east (camp) in construction Fragrant (Hong Kong) Expressway and high mountain ( The west) Military (Chinese) The expressway, draw near 318 national roads closely. The mountain belongs to the system of Dabie Mountain in the courtyart, since its many sharp mountain ranges zigzag and come to peak of projection three to take shape, the highest peak has an elevation of 1563 meters, it is the watersheds of the Changjiang River, Huaihe River two major basin, it is the place where ancient Wu Chu links up.
Xiang Chuan, more than 2100 years ago, Emperor Wu Di of the Han Dynasty Liu was thorough to offer sacrifices to Heaven in the Southern Mountain anciently -At the Tianzhushan, set up courtyart visited to hold a memorial ceremony for Gain the name on this mountain; Because its beautiful and graceful Yamagata and Tianzhushan of outstanding talent are grand and tall and straight to echo among the people, Anhui with belong to, separate one hundred only, have two long unexpectedly mountain, it is even to make an appointment The saying, so call Tianzhushan mountain of common Anhui for fun again ,The mountain of the courtyart is The mountain of mother s Anhui ; There is a natural cock s pattern, and the different mountains shape next to in the northed, like the cockscomb because on the mountain highest peak cliff of the courtyart again, so have another name called The common mountain of chicken .
Courtyart the intersection of mountain and scenic spot get into Co., Ltd., invest by the intersection of Hong Kong and King, start building in March of 2005, build up tentatively in April of 2007. The scenic spot has an area of more than 50 sq. km., ancient wood in the scenic spot reaches to the sky, the most enjoyable stage is hidden deeply. The ancient county annals of Tai Hu classify the mountain of the courtyart as the first of the domestic hills and mountains promptly, it says: three peaks are sharp to insert the sky wonderfully and elegantly and incomparably . Look the mountain of the courtyart from far, different angles, the scenery has nothing in common with each other, is next to the mountain of the courtyart in the south, like a inverted flight butterfly, expression is elegant, are still like Mount Huang lotus flower s peak, there are poems and praises the courtyart if points five peaks, half is until half human world empty ,Therefore it is dangerously steep and beautiful; The east go watershed, look at mountaintop afar, similar to brush support, towering high in the clouds direct, highest peak hill-side great to turn on in a gully, China open like hall, get up nine peak again in being smooth, one word crossline setting if nine son hold, stand, claim nine son unite hall generation ; Peep the mountain of the courtyart in the north, the peaks rising one upon another, accumulate greenly and have the black pigment; West view courtyart mountain, are like mushroom cloud towering and getting up and want to rise slowly, and for example fairy maiden s cloud ring, Dai Yun combs the fog. Really may be said that moving one s steps changes the shape, in different poses and with different expressions. Can be proved with poem: The courtyart counts the variety on the mountain, move one s steps and change the shape incomparably; It is empty to be next to the chivalrous disc in the south horizontally and fly, look forward in the west the loving mother embraces the man; East River revitalize bright main fact at the hall, Big Dipper building present Heaven before a monarch; Water reflect the intersection of brightness and the sky carve, blue and green lotus invite the moon to roam leisurely together .
Courtyart mountain spectacular, long-term cloud and mist misty, scenery pleasant, ancient summarize to go out of 12 places natural wonderful scenery of good fortune already: It is called out that there are cocks day, Big Dipper building, cloud precipice natural moat, ox s spine fly over, accumulate green, horse hair silver waterfall, beacon supernatural Taiwan, Buddhist monks and nums and ask one, three in street, Pinghu on day outside the thunder sound temple tower, cloud Each scenery of scenic spot has nothing in common with each other, huge stone refers to it during that time, unusually high and precipitous; Some deep and serene gorge, clear small stream strange to spend wild fruit all over valley murmuring; Some are ancient to loose reaching to the sky, become integrated with stone, precipice, very often peculiar, Wei Ran is deep and beautiful, fill poetic conceptions and backgrounds, the China poesy learns Deputy Chairman Mr. Liang Dong how to praise to the mountain deep love of courtyart: The clear sky that the children of an emperor of the courtyart crouch, call the wind at all directions; Gully Wan, as silver catkin of flying, a thousand mountain it should be drunk cuckooes to be red; Hold Tang who mouth strive, cross gulf, the intersection of Tianzhu and my hero the most in front of the peak; Not dividing water outside the cloud big, the Huaihe River generation of river is always towards the east.
There are many varieties on the mountain of the courtyart. Xiang Chuan, from Tang to the first year of an era (A.D. 756) of Germany Famous poet Li Bai avoids the trouble and goes out of Jiujiang, is entered the mountain of the courtyart and formed the hut and occupied by the mountain of minister of public works in ancient china, name alone the sharp moon rock stone pillar in the east is in floor of Big Dipper, and write down brightness of the sky on the bank of the river of calabash Four words, make retinues carve in the river bed, so there is invites the moon too in vain on the mountain of the courtyart Site. Clear the beginning the intersection of chaste tree and bright red Wang Zhyuan gather soldier to be instead clear often, build the intersection of chaste tree and hall Wang in the river of Shandong of the courtyart is washed, so there is the river picture office, the county of tiger s field, East River washes the emperor s audience hall, stationing troops raises horses to crouch in the hillock Sichuan Saying. And king of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Great Britain Chen YuCheng breaks through the local tyrant is after the mountain of the courtyart, in accordance with the dangerous courtyart, Pure Brightness, three stockaded villages of tea garden rock crouched, have preserved the grain in the tea garden rock hole, and then call the stone hole granary. The mountain local product of the courtyart is various, among them the herbal material is cinnabar, tuber of elevated gastrodia, wild hedgehog hydnum seven, musk, lily, Indian bread, Cortex Eucommiae, tuber of pinellia, Radix Platycodonis, stone Hu, ginkgo,etc; Soil special agricultural products have carminate gingers, black Auricularia, Umbillcaria esculenta, mushroom, Chinese chestnut, kiwi fruit, the intersection of mountain and melon, the intersection of Wei and dish, the intersection of my darling and dish, brake tender leaf, the intersection of pearl and dish, day lily, wild the intersection of mountain and Chinese toon, the intersection of rubber and the intersection of chestnut and powder, powder, cloud Ge; Traditional the intersection of craft and products and handicraft must have dragon straw sandals, old cotton shoe, brown products, rattan article, bamboo handicraft and craft,etc..