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Nine small streams travel Nan Ping of China

Nine small streams travel Nan Ping of China

Write: Lisbet [2011-05-23]

Nine small streams travel  Nan Ping of China


The drift ticket price of bamboo raft: 100 yuan for each person, insurance premium is 2 yuan for each person, every raft takes 6 persons. The ticket is a traveling corporation s ticket, distribute guests and can not gather six neatly people, there are a lot of guides to demand to gather people at the quay voluntarily. Had better book the ticket in busy season, visitors can book, does not need to pay locals to take the place of and order.


Water of Fujian Zhongshan is wonderful and elegant to regard mountain of Wuyi as the first, the soul in Wuyi is on nine small streams. This rises in the highest peak of mountain range of Wuyi -The brook of the Huang s, transparent clear jade-like stone, cross the scenic spot of mountain of Wuyi from west to east through the villages and small towns of the star, a brimming water, roll over it for being zigzag, so gain the name.
About 9.5 kilometers of total length for nine small streams, area is 8.5 sq. km.. Mountain hold water under the arm look around, water move round the intersection of mountain and trip, every have different the intersection of landscape painting and Italy of view. Brook zigzag to rush down the intersection of cloud and liquid, the mountain only goes bankrupt and soaks the clear ripples. Beautiful outline of delineating nine small streams vividly.
Nine pieces of small stream order the adverse current and was counted. In front of Wuyi palace, eyeball Sichuan area is one. Main beauty spot as follows, big Wang Feng, pavilion peak of the curtain, iron plate screen-like mountain peak, water mere stone,etc.; Roll over in right, go up north from the fragrant pool of the bath, it is two. Main beauty spot as follows, teenage girl s peak, celestial roll rock, rock of celestial hall,etc.; Knock the beach by the thunder, the stream is rolled over but to the south, form a person s gulf ring, it is three. Main beauty spot as follows, little to hide the peak, rock of Xianyou, rise on day peak,etc.; Poached the dragon s pool, to the ancient awl beach northwards, it is four. Main beauty spot as follows, hide the peak, celestial fishing table, resist the tea garden, small and zigzag, etc big; From write a poem on occasion rock, little to go up north to the flat forest ferry while being zigzag, it is five. All and only five pieces of terrain are extensive. Main beauty spot as follows, the intersection of cloud and nest, the intersection of Wuyi and precise to give up, the intersection of tea and hole, latent to reject peak,etc.; Therefore is six through reaching the old crow beach in the north. All only this journeys are the shortest. Main beauty spot as follows, visit peak, shining cloth rock, celestial palm peak, noise rock,etc. in weather; Through the old crow beach, the otter near all sorts of flowers village accuses of the beach, it is seven. Main beauty spot as follows, admire peak, day pot peak, thinkling sound rock,etc. three times; The lotus beach things are eight. There is this The aquatic zoo It claims. Main beauty spot as follows, Sheung Shui lion stone, at, enter the water tortoise stone, trunk rock, camel peak, cat stone, sea Jie stone,etc.; From the villages and small towns of the star under Qi YunFeng of shoal near the rock of the large, oblong sheet of silk with an appropriate message attached, is zigzag, main beauty spot as follows, Qi YunFeng, cloud rock, one pair of lion plays ball stone,etc.. The ancient visits nine small streams, sail against the current from Wuyi palace according to the song preface. Since the highway of high general term for paulownia, phoenix tree and tung tree is opened, visitor from so zigzag that one reach, drift with the tide like this, brisker, faster. It is zigzag to swim, boats taken pitch after baking for 8- 9 skinless mao bamboos. The drinking water is simple, the buoyancy is big, it is smooth and comfortable that visitors take, the visual field is widened, the mountain scene that it is obvious, can award color of water, drift about and leave, disease is alternate slowly, relaxed and satisfied, more scared than hurt, modern quite take the stimulating travel project while travelling.