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Three palaces of Qing Dynasty travel Shangrao of China

Three palaces of Qing Dynasty travel Shangrao of China

Write: Tahnia [2011-05-23]

Three palaces of Qing Dynasty travel  Shangrao of China


Three palaces of Qing Dynasty of ancient buildings The Eight Diagrams that congenital The overall arrangement way is worth pondering carefully very much, it is a core of the whole overall arrangement, other buildings centre on this core to the radiation from all directions, each take the position of a divinatory symbol. The building here is not big in scale, but there are very high attainments on the model. The intersection of wind and thunder and design, the intersection of dragon and the intersection of tiger and site selection of hall,etc. of tower, reflect the intersection of Taoist school and one dish of laws naturally Application sum right The harmony between man and nature Pursuit. Humanity, natural landscape blend completely, share everything.
Three palaces of Qing Dynasty lie in the north of Sanqingshan, it is the collection ground of a human cultural sight of Sanqingshan, also Taoism ancient buildings The open-air museum ,Scenic spot have an elevation of about 1530 meters equally, at the range to the office that answer 9 days ,To air door .
Three palaces of Qing Dynasty last more than 1600 years, of long standing and well established, own more than 230 ancient buildings and historical relicses such as the view, hall, office, workshop, spring, pool, bridge, tomb, platform, tower in common. These ancient buildings and historical relic bases Congenital the Eight Diagrams is diagrammatic Exquisite overall arrangement, it is the treasured place to study Chinese Taoism s ancient architectural design overall arrangement. Only visit three palaces of Qing Dynasty, could find the important function performed in moulding the moral character of Sanqingshan of Taoism s culture.
The door of three palaces of Qing Dynasty of palaces: Stone it carves to be as follows, at the workshop Step on hall step timid to rise dooring too timid to go; Elementary to ask one to realize and really say extremely mysterious and abstrusely Antithetical couplet. Left and right sides each have Xiao Shi hall, support efficacious palace inside stars in the Big Dipper Stone image, the model is mighty.
Have faced net clothing ago , Tsing-Hua University , star of the culvert Three large pond in nature, have millennium ancient the intersection of wood and pinewood Wan, the east have head of dragon mountain the natural protective screen, rock of tiger s head poaches the dog days to surround and protect in the west, forbidding, the imposing manner is outstanding.
Three palaces of Qing Dynasty of audience halls: The north of seat the Southern Dynasties, face Tianmen. Main hall two enter divide, front hall have three gate, have frank the intersection of horizontal inscribed board and first above the gate among them, submit a written statement to three clear Promised Land . There are antithetical couplets of stone engraving on both sides: Is to appear The hall opens in daytime the wind sweeps The distich is The door is proclaimed oneself to the dusk cloud Regular script. Enshrine and worship founder of Taoism in the centre in the hall: The intersection of jade and clear yuans of the intersection of beginning and the intersection of it and, have clear the intersection of fairy and the intersection of treasure and the intersection of it and, too clear the intersection of morals and the intersection of heaven and a 3 statues, audience hall carved with, deposit line to be angry and at clear jade clear and too clear while being electrodeless three day at the stone pillar; It is in all generations all ages of a thousand generations to unify the big blessing of wishing emperors of tomorrow Antithetical couplet of regular script. The back hall is hall of Goddess of Mercy, enshrine and worship Goddess of Mercy, mother Wang.
Note: A lot of visitors like taking a photo as a moment leaning against tower of wind and thunder and other buildings, this is not merely very dangerous (because the tower of wind and thunder is built on precipitous cliff) ,And the protection of the ancient building is unfavorable.