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Anshun, located in the middle of Guizhou Province and the eastern part of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, is one of the nine hot destinations of China and the tourism center of west Guizhou province. With a total population of 2,523,000, Anshun has an area of 9,264 sq. km with an altitude of 1,300 meters. Once an important centre for tea trading, Anshun remains the commercial hub of western Guizhou.

As the center of South China Karst physiognomy, Anshun features abundant rivers, waterfalls, gorges, caves, stone forests, lakes and underground rivers. There are totally over one hundred waterfalls and 1200 caves. The famous attractions include Huangguoshu Waterfall: one of the Largest Waterfalls of Asia; Dragon Palace (Longgong Cave): a marvelous Karst Wonder ;Tianxingqiao Scenic Area featured potted landscape, various grotesque limestone formations, caves, stone forest on water, waterfalls, forest and lakes, offers visitors a pleasant hiking environment.

As an ethnic minority group area, Anshun has kept intact its unique folklore. Stone village (Shitou Zhai) is a Buyi ethnic village where all the architectures in the village are made of stone, stone houses, stone walls, flagstone roofs, flagstone roads, stone bridges and stone banks. It is said to be the Birthplace of wax painting. The rich traditional festivals and customs of Buyi people are feast for tourists’ eyes.

Besides, Anshun is an ideal place to discover ancient Han ethnic culture. Tianlong Tunpu (Village Fortress), built during the reign of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang of Ming Dynasty  (1368AD to 1644 AD), is valued highly by experts as the living fossil of Han ethnic culture and the last ancient village of Ming Dynasty in the world.

The villagers are called Tunpu people who still live in forts and keep a simple and peculiar army style, retaining their traditional Ming lifestyles, clothing and hair styles. Dixi Drama is an exclusive ritual dance of Tunpu people which contains functions of drama, sacrificing and entertainment. It is staged up by during the period of Chinese New Year, at festivals and celebrations and the months after harvest.

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The Dragon's Palace, situated approximately twenty miles southwest of Anshun City, is a splendid underground Karst-type cave and also an amazing palace of limestone caverns covering 10 miles through 20 mountains reduced through hundreds of years of water ...Read More
Opening hours: all day Ticket price: 60 yuan / person Contact: Pingba County is located in western Guizhou Province, the depths of karst mountains. The tunpu (village fortress) in Anshun, Guizhou, was built in the Ming Dynasty (600 years ago) for military use. ...Read More
Our company is a municipal medicines, herbs franchisee of planting, processing, marketing culture, trade, as one of the joint-stock enterprises. The company was established in February 2003, the registered capital of 168 million yuan. Company s existing area ...Read More

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Opening hours: all day Admission Fee: CNY 180 (including Waterfall, Tianxingqiao Bridge and Doupotang Scenic Areas) Contact: Tel :0853-3592321, 3592700,3592131 Address: Anshun City, Guizhou Province, 45 km west, Zhenning, Guanling counties within the North Pan River tributaries Baishuihe on. Best time: rainy season of summer and autumn Complaint Phone: 0853...
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