Zhangshiyan Scenic Area

Zhangshiyan Scenic Area is beautiful all year around:  birds singing and flowers sending off fragrance in spring; clouds floating and waterfall splashing in summer; red leaves fluttering in autumn; and icicles hanging and dripping in winter.
Zhangshiyan Scenic Area consists of four scenic spots, namely Jiunvfeng (nine-girl peak), Yuantong Temple, Zhihutao, and Donglingbei. The main attractions include red rocks and red cliffs, springs, waterfalls, temples, steles and etc. It is a good place to watch sea of clouds and mists and enjoy mirages.
Recommended Travel route: the 1st day:Tour Donglingbei in the morning, have lunch at Zhangshiyan, and then tour Zhihutao in the afternoon; the 2nd day: visit Yuantong Temple in the morning, return in the afternoon.