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Yunfu City is located in the west central part of Guangdong Province. Its urban areas are 60 kilometers away from Zhaoqing and 160 kilometers away from Guangzhou . The whole city covers a total land area of 779.1 square kilometers. The Yunfu City exercises jurisdiction over Yuncheng District, Yunan County, Xinxing County and Yun’an County and governs Luoding City. 

Yunfu City has well developed karst. Every mountain has stones, every stone has caves and every cave is exotic. The famous scenic spots include eight sceneries such as the Coiling Dragon (Panlong) Grotto, the ancient Xingyan Cave and the Celestial Pillars Seeking Fine Sceneries in Yuncheng District, Crouching Dragon Lake, Letou Sand and Golden Fish Sand in Yun’an County, Dragon Mountain Hot Spring, Hidden Buddha Pit and Lion Waist Waterfall in Xinxing County, Treasure Lake, Dragon Assembling Cave, Lion Niche Rock, Marvelous View Tea Garden in Luoding City and Dragon Rock and Tiger Rock in Yunan. The Coiling Dragon (Panlong) Grotto is a provincial-level scenic area and historic site. The swim-distance of the cave reaches 520 meters. The “gem flower” and the “bowlder mosquito net” in the cave are transparent, exquisite, white, stainless and as crystal as jade. It is unique in China and rare in the world. The Dragon Mountain Hot Spring contains several rare elements that are beneficial to human body. It is unique among a large quantity of hot springs in the whole province.

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Area7779 square kilometers



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