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The prefecture of DA HING GAN LING is located in the northern border area of China.

It has an area of 80.46 thousand square kilometers and a population of 510 thousand.

DA HING GAN LING’S vast forest resources radiate outwards to the west and north of Jiagdaqi, which is known as the “Northern Forest Metropolis”. Head west from Jiagdaqi, and discover the archaeological wonders of the famous and picturesque Ga Xian Cave. Along the way, observe and enjoy the local customs of the Ewenki people. Then it’s north to the village of Mohe – an ideal spot to view the astronomical phenomenon of aurora borealis at certain times of the year. A tour along the boundary lines between China and Russia is a good choice too; as is a visit to the cold-temperate climate natural reserve which is located in Huzhong. Enjoy many other great tour options. Just a few examples: a tour of the wetland natural reserve in Nanweng; river rafting on the Duobukuer River; and the relics of eighteen stations. China ecotours are skyrocketing in popularity!

Area code: 0457

Postcode: 165000

Administrative divisions: the County of Huma, the County of Mohe, the County of Tahe, Region of Jiagdaqi, Region of Songling, Region of Xinlin and Region of Huzhong

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Recently, Xu Shaoshi, Minister of Land and Resources P.R.C, Yu Shayan, Vice governor of Heilongjiang province visited project site of CNNC ARCN in Daxinganling area. After listening to the work report, Xu Shaoshi and Yu Shayan went onto a plane, and looked at ...Read More